Big Eater Seafood Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Hey foodies! Today, I’m thrilled to take you on a delightful culinary adventure at Big Eater Seafood Restaurant in Singapore. This hidden gem is a paradise for seafood lovers, offering a tantalizing array of dishes that will leave you craving for more. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting ambiance, setting the perfect stage for an unforgettable dining experience. We bring you the menu Big Eater Seafood Menu.

Big Eater Seafood Menu

Big Eater Seafood Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Restaurant Big Eater Seafood Restaurant
Delivery Hotline+65 6397 0480
HalalNot Halal Certified
Locations964 Jurong West Street 91, #01-342, Singapore 640964
Timings Monday To Sunday, 4 pm–2 am

Now, let’s dive into the main highlight: the Big Eater Seafood Menu. Prepare to be amazed by the extensive selection of delectable seafood dishes that will make your taste buds dance with joy. From succulent lobster and mouthwatering crab to fresh clams and prawns, they have it all. The chefs here possess a remarkable culinary finesse, creating dishes that are bursting with flavors and cooked to perfection. Each bite is a harmonious symphony of tastes, textures, and aromas, leaving you with an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Some of the Favorites from Big Eater Seafood Menu are

  • Stir-fried Lala with Garlic
  • Hot Plate Bean Curd
  • Shrimp Paste Chicken
Big Eater Seafood Menu

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Big Eater Seafood Menu
Big Eater Seafood Menu
Big Eater Seafood Menu
Big Eater Seafood Menu
Golden Prawn RollS$13.00
Fried Dough Fritters with Sotong PasteS$13.00
Crispy Bean Curd Roll with ShrimpS$15.00
Shrimp Paste ChickenS$15.00
Pork Ribs KingS$15.00
Sweet & Sour PorkS$15.00
Chicken in Thai Style SauceS$15.00
Stir-fried Fish Slices with Ginger & OnionS$18.00
Sweet & Sour Fish SlicesS$18.00
Salted Egg ChickenS$20.00
Hot Plate BeefS$26.00
Hot Plate VenisonS$26.00
Indonesian Curry PrawnS$27.00
Cereal PrawnS$27.00
Stir-fried Sambal PrawnS$27.00
Stir-fried Lala with GarlicS$18.00
Gam Heong La LaS$18.00
Stir-fried Baby Kai LanS$12.00
Stir-fried Kang KongS$12.00
Stir-fried BroccoliS$13.00
Stir-fried Broccoli with Fish SlicesS$18.00
Stir-fried Broccoli with ShrimpS$24.00
Stir-fried Broccoli with ScallopS$26.00
Stir-fried Long Beans with Minced MeatS$15.00
Bean Curd
Hot Plate Bean CurdS$14.00
Claypot BeancurdS$14.00
Shrimp OmeletteS$12.80
Onion OmeletteS$10.80
Fu Rong OmeletteS$10.80
Seafood Soup with Tofu & Salted VegetableS$7.90
Bitter Gourd Seafood SoupS$7.90
Tom Yum Seafood SoupS$9.80
Stir-Fried Hor Fun Without GravyS$7.90
Stir-fried BeehoonS$7.90
Hor Fun with GravyS$7.90
Seafood Mee GorengS$7.90
Crispy Egg Noodles with GravyS$7.90
Da Shi Jia Fried RiceS$6.90
Fried RiceS$7.90
Rice Bowl
Rice BowlS$9.80
Salted Egg Chicken With RiceS$10.80
Pork Ribs King With RiceS$9.80
Sweet & Sour Fish With RiceS$9.80
Sweet & Sour Pork With RiceS$9.80
Set Meals
Set MealsS$34.80
Sunny Side UpS$1.00

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