Cafe de Paris Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Greetings French Cuisine lovers! Looking for a complete course of French Cuisine in Singapore? We have a special gift for you. Today we are providing you with the Cafe de Paris Menu with the latest prices in Singapore. If you have a craving for French food, you can visit that place and also satisfy your cravings for French. You should explore their updated menu in the following.

Restaurant Cafe de Paris Singapore
Delivery Hotline+65 8120 0889
Locations313 Orchard Rd, #B1-37, Singapore 238895
Delivery hoursSunday-Thursday: 11am–10pm ​
Friday-Saturday, Eve of PH: 11am-10.30pm

As I said above it’s a complete meal, which means that the Cafe de Paris is serving the sweet items, their main menu, and also types of beverages. Cafe de Paris is not halal-certified because it also serves alcohol. But, their menu does not contain any pork or lard. We have uploaded the complete Cafe de Paris Menu with prices in the following. You can explore their whole menu in detail.

Cafe de Paris is a Korean restaurant that brings an aesthtic vibe. Whether you want to take instagramable pictures or want some brewed  coffee I would recommend you to visit Cafe de Paris. You can enjoy fastfood as well as satisfy your sweettooth. See Also WANG DAE BAK BBQ MENU.

  • Cafe De Paris Cake Slices, Macarons & Desserts
  • Cafe De Paris Singapore Korean Fresh Fruits Bonbon Delights
  • Cafe De Paris Fresh Juices & Milkshakes
Cafe De Paris Cake Slices, Macarons & Desserts Menu 2024
Yuzu Osmanthus
A refreshing and light option with Japanese Yuzu-infused cream between layers, topped with aromatic dried Osmanthus flowers
8.50 S$
Tiramisu Dessert
Recommended. Italian dessert with espresso, mascarpone cheese, eggs & whipped cream topped with blueberries
8.50 S$
Speculoos Cheesecake
American cheesecake baked with caramelized biscuits
8.50 S$
Red Velvet Cake
A velvety sponge filled topped with cream & mascarpone cheese
7.90 S$
Rainbow Cake
A kaleidoscope of multi coloured sponge amidst decadent layers of honeyed cream cheese frosting
7.90 S$
Orh Nee Yam Cake
A soft light purple sponge layered with traditional Teochew yam paste and coconut cream
8.50 S$
Oreo Cheesecake
American cheesecake baked with real Oreo cookies
7.90 S$
Ondeh Ondeh Cake
Recommended. A delicious version of the traditional Singaporean kueh! 4 pandan layers filled with guka melaka cream & coconut. Must try
7.90 S$
Mille Crepe
Our very own home made specialty, crafted with love care & layer by layer
7.90 S$
Comes in Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Lemon, Raspberry, Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, Orange, Passion Fruit
7.90 S$
Lychee Rose Cake
Tantalizing real lychee cake layered & infused with rose
8.50 S$
Lemon Meringue
House-made lemon curd from hand-squeezed fresh lemon juice and zest nestled amidst layers of vanilla sponge, finished with a torched meringue frosting.
7.90 S$
Honey Hazelnut Earl Grey Cake
Earl gray infused sponge layered with earl gray & hazelnut cream
8.50 SGD
Earl Grey Cheesecake
Dilmah earl gray tea leaves, Japanese earl gray powder blended in a rich cream & set atop a hand pressed graham cracker base
8.50 S$
Cafe De Paris Singapore Korean Fresh Fruits Bonbon Delights Menu 2024
Blueberry Bonbon13.44 S$
Brownie Bonbon13.44 S$
Grape Bonbon13.44 S$
Mango Bonbon14.24 S$
Melon Bonbon14.24 S$
Pineapple Bonbon13.44 S$
Strawberry Bonbon14.24 S$
Cafe De Paris Menu – Meals 2024
Cafe De Paris Menu – Meals 2024
Avocado Toast10.24 S$
Beef Bulgogi Wrap11.04 S$
Beef Lasagne12.64 S$
Chicken Italian Toast14.24 S$
Egg Toast9.44 S$
Lazy Brunch14.24 S$
Minced Chicken Lasagne12.64 S$
Mixed Fruits Salad12.64 S$

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Hawaiian Pizza9.44 S$
Beef Pepperoni Pizza9.44 S$
Apple & Kiwi Juice6.40 S$
Apple Juice5.60 S$
Avocado Milkshake7.04 S$
Lemon & Orange Juice6.40 S$
Mango Juice5.92 S$
Orange Juice5.60 S$
Pineapple Juice5.60 S$
Strawberry Juice6.40 S$
Strawberry Milkshake7.84 S$
Vanilla Milkshake7.84 S$
Cafe De Paris Singapore Speciality Coffee Menu Price 2024
Americano4.40 S$
Cappuccino5.20 S$
Espresso4.00 S$
Espresso Con Panna4.40 S$
Espresso Macchiato4.40 S$
Flat White5.20 S$
Flavored Latte5.52 S$
Latte5.20 S$

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Cafe De Paris Menu Price – Beverages 2024
Cafe De Paris Menu Price – Beverages 2024
Sweet Potato Latte5.60 S$
Sweet Potato Frappuccino6.80 S$
Honey Yuzu4.40 S$
Honey Jujube4.40 S$
Honey Ginger4.40 S$
Green Tea Latte5.60 S$
Green Tea Frappuccino6.80 S$
Chocolate Frappuccino6.80 S$
Chocolate5.60 S$
Chamomile Tea6.00 S$
Earl Grey Tea6.00 S$
English Breakfast6.00 S$
Jasmine Green Tea6.00 S$
Mint Tea6.00 S$
Red Berry Tea6.00 S$
Cafe De Paris Sides Menu 2024
Tempura Chicken Cheese Strips7.84 S$
Roasted Drumlets7.84 S$
Popcorn Chicken7.84 S$
Golden Chicken Nuggets7.84 S$
Fries7.04 S$

No, Cafe de Paris is not halal-certified.

Yes, Cafe de Paris also accepts reservations.

Yes, Cafe de Paris is serving breakfast, lunch, and also dinner.

Yes, a takeaway facility is also available at Cafe de Paris Singapore.


Cafe De Paris Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.


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