Central Thai Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Greetings! Are you living in Singapore and looking for the cuisine? We have a surprise for you. So today we are providing you with the latest Central Thai Menu with an updated price list. The menu with a bundle of delicious cuisine is spreading smiles in Singapore. The latest Central Thai Menu with prices is given in the following. You can check out the updated menu.

If we talk about Central Thai, the restaurant is nestled in the heart of Singapore. Central Thai is offering you a delightful culinary journey to enhance your taste buds. Central Thai Restaurant is not halal certified. The ambiance of the restaurant is very pleasant and charming as well as aesthetic. Now, let us explore the updated Central Thai Menu. See Also SUBWAY MENU.

  • Deep-fried Tofu with Thai Salad
  • Hot Basil Flower Clam
  • Seabass Steam In Thai Style
Central Thai Bento Set Menu 2024
Set D – Phad Thai
Phad Thai with Prawns, Kailan with Oyster Sauce, Mango Sauce, Thai Fish Cake, & Drink
13.80 S$
Set C Green Curry Chicken Rice
Green curry chicken rice, kai lan with oyster sauce, mango salad, Thai fish cake & beverage
13.80 S$
Set B Butter Cream Chicken Rice
Butter Cream Chicken Rice, Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce, Mango Salad, Thai Fish Cake & Drink
13.80 S$
Set A Basil Chicken Rice
Basil Chicken Rice Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce Mango Salad Thai Fish Cake
13.80 S$
Central Thai Singapore Kids Meal Menu 2024
Set D
Fried rice, tofu with minced chic, mix veg & fruits
9.52 S$
Set C
Fried rice, sweet & sour fish, mix veg & fruit
9.52 S$
Set B
Fried egg noodle, seaweed chic, mix veg & fruits
9.52 S$
Set A
Chic nugget, chic popcorn, fries & fruits
9.52 S$
Central Thai Menu – Appetizers 2024
Thai Spice Chic Roll 6 Pieces10.70 S$
Thai Prawn Cake 2 Pieces8.56 S$
Thai Fish Cake 2 Pieces6.42 S$
Pandan Chicken 2 Pieces6.42 S$
Deep-fried Spring Roll 6 Pieces6.42 S$
Deep-fried Seafood Tofu 6 Pieces10.70 S$
Chicken Wing 2 Pieces6.42 S$
Central Thai Singapore Menu – Soup 2024
Tom Kah17.89 S$
Tom Yum17.98 S$

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Central Thai Menu – Appetizers 2024
Seafood Glass Noodle Salad12.73 S$
Mango Salad11.66 S$
Central Thai Singapore Vegetables Menu Price 2024
Scallop Broccoli25.68 S$
Scallop Asparagus25.68 S$
Deep-Fried Eggplant With Cereal14.87 S$
Baby Kailan10.59 S$
Assorted Veg With Seafood14.87 S$
Asparagus With Prawn14.87 S$
Central Thai Menu Price – Curries 2024
Yellow Curry14.87 S$
Red Curry14.87 S$
Green Curry14.87 S$
Central Thai Singapore Menu Price – Vegetarian 2024
Vegetarian Pad Thai12.73 S$
Tom Yum Soup with Mix Vegetable16.91 S$
Tom Kah Soup with Mix Vegetable16.91 S$
Sweet & Sour Beancurd12.73 S$
Stir-fried Baby Kailan10.59 S$
Spicy Basil Leaf Beancurd12.73 S$
Pineapple Fried Rice12.73 S$
Mix Vegetable Fried Rice12.73 S$
Mango Salad11.66 S$
Green Papaya Salad12.73 S$

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Central Thai Rice Menu Price 2024
Fried Rice Prawn12.73 S$
Hot Basil Beef Rice10.16 S$
Hot Basil Chicken Rice9.09 S$
Pineapple Fried Rice13.80 S$
Salted Egg Butter Cream Chicken Rice9.09 S$
Sambal Seafood Fried Rice12.73 S$
Sunny Egg1.60 S$
Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice9.09 S$
Sweet & Sour Fish Rice10.16 S$
Thai Chilli Fish Rice10.16 S$
Thai Olive Fried Rice12.73 S$
White Rice1.07 S$
Sambal Egg Noodle with Prawn12.73 S$
Phad Thai With Prawn12.73 S$
Fried Glass Noodle With Prawn12.73 S$
Central Thai Prawn Dishes Menu 2024
Salted Egg Yolk Prawn24.50 S$
Hotplate Sambal Prawn24.50 S$
Fried Prawn With Mayonnaise18.05 S$
Claypot Glass Noodles Prawn25.57 S$
Cereal Prawn24.50 S$
Butter Prawn24.50 S$
Butter Cream Prawn24.50 S$

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Black Pepper Crab 1 Pieces30.92 S$
Butter Cream Crab 1 Pieces30.92 S$
Chilli Crab 1 Pieces30.92 S$
Claypot Glass Noodles Crab 1 Pieces33.06 S$
Fried Bun 5 Pieces3.75 S$
Salted Egg Crab 1 Pieces30.92 S$
Central Thai Menu – Sea Bass Dishes 2024
Seabass Deep-fried In Sweet & Sour Sauce33.06 S$
Seabass Deep-fried In Thai Chilli Sauce33.06 S$
Seabass Deep-fried with Thai Style Salad33.06 S$
Seabass Steam In Thai Style33.06 S$
Seabass Steam With Spicy Lemon Sauce33.06 S$
Seabass Steamed With Thai Style33.06 S$
Assam Fish Head31.99 S$
Curry Fish Head31.99 S$
Central Thai Squid Dishes Menu Price 2024
Hotplate Sambal Squid19.15 S$
Salted Egg Squid19.15 S$

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Central Thai Singapore Chicken Dishes Menu 2024
Sweet & Sour Chicken13.80 S$
Salted Egg Butter Cream Chicken14.87 S$
Minced Chicken with Hot Basil Leaf13.80 S$
Hotplate Spring Onion Chic13.80 S$
Honey Chicken13.80 S$
Cashew Nut Chic13.80 S$
Hotplate Black Pepper Beef15.94 S$
Hotplate Spring Onion & Ginger Beef15.94 S$
Stir-fried Sliced Beef with Hot Basil Leaf15.94 S$
Central Thai Singapore Menu Price – Flower Clam 2024
Chilli Flower Clam15.94 S$
Gan Xiang Flower Clam15.94 S$
Hot Basil Flower Clam15.94 S$
Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab17.01 S$
Pepper Soft Shell Crab17.01 S$

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Central Thai Singapore Omelet Menu Price 2024
Chye Poh Omelet11.66 S$
Onion Omelet11.66 S$
Oyster Omelette12.73 S$
Prawn Omelet12.73 S$
Hotplate Tofu with Minced Chic13.80 S$
Hotplate Seafood Tofu14.87 S$
Hotplate Eggplant Tofu13.80 S$
Deep-fried Tofu with Thai Salad13.80 S$
Central Thai Singapore Signature Beverages Menu 2024
Honey Lemon4.17 S$
Orange Juice With Pearl5.24 S$
Thai Iced Lime Mojito5.24 S$
Thai Lemon Tea4.17 S$
Thai Lemongrass4.17 S$
Thai Milk Tea4.17 S$
Thai Milk Tea with Pearl5.24 S$

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Central Thai Menu – Cold Beverages 2024
Sprite2.68 S$
Polar Water2.14 S$
Perrier Water4.82 S$
Passion Fruit Juice4.17 S$
Lime Juice4.17 S$
Fruit Punch Juice4.17 S$
Coke Zero2.68 S$
Coke2.68 S$
100 Plus2.68 S$
Central Thai Singapore Menu – Juice 2024
Fresh Watermelon6.31 S$
Fresh Thai Coconut6.31 S$
Central Thai Set Menu 2024
Central Thai Set Menu 2024

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Central Thai Set Menu 2024
Central Thai Set Menu 2024

No, the Central Thai Menu is not halal certified.

No, Central Thai does not accept reservations.

Yes, the delivery facility is also made available by the restaurant.

Yes, Central Thai is also offering takeaway facilities.


Central Thai Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.


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