Chuang. Yi Seafood Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Greetings! Are you a seafood lover and looking for the updated Chuang. Yi Seafood Menu? We are here to provide you with the updated menu with prices in the following. The Chuang. Yi Seafood restaurant provides you with Korean-style seafood with delicious taste. The noticeable thing is also that they are serving the food at affordable prices. We bring you the Chuang. Yi Seafood Menu.

Chuang Yi Seafood Menu
  • Chef’s Special
  • Chicken
  • Meat
Steamed Rice1.00 S$
Chuang.Yi Seafood Singapore Chef’s Special Menu 2024
Black Bean Sauce Bitter Gourd Fish Head25.00 S$
Crab Meat Fish Maw Soup18.00 S$
Curry Fish Head25.00 S$
Curry Fish Head25.00 S$
Fragrant Lilac16.00 S$
Fragrant Pork Ribs13.00 S$
Fried Four Bean13.00 S$
Pan-fried Pork Ribs16.00 S$
Prawn Paste Chicken13.00 S$
Prawn Roll13.00 S$
Qing Long Vegetable11.00 S$
Salted Egg Creamy Prawn23.00 S$
Sambal Petai Prawn16.00 S$
Sambal Sotong16.00 S$
Soy Sauce Prawn with Fried Garlic23.00 S$
Superior Spinach Soup11.00 S$
Thai Style Mango Chicken Cube13.00 S$
You Tiao with Meat Floss13.00 S$
Cereal Prawn23.00 S$
Creamy Prawn23.00 S$
Fragrant Prawn23.00 S$
Pan-fried Prawn23.00 S$
Salted Prawn Ball23.00 S$
Soy Sauce Prawn with Fried Garlic23.00 S$
Lala Soup17.00 S$
Ginger Spring Onion Lala17.00 S$
Fragrant Lala16.00 S$
Chilli Lala17.00 S$
Chuang.Yi Seafood Chicken Menu Price 2024
Dried Chilli Chicken Cube13.00 S$
Fragrant Chicken Cube13.00 S$
Lemon Chicken Cube13.00 S$
Salted Egg Chicken Cube13.00 S$

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Chuang.Yi Seafood Singapore Vegetables Menu Price 2024
Baby Kai Lan10.00 S$
Nai Bai with Garlic11.00 S$
Qing Long Vegetable11.00 S$
Sambal Kang Kong10.00 S$
Superior Spinach Soup11.00 S$
Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish17.00 S$
Ginger Spring Onion Sliced Fish17.00 S$
Fragrant Sliced Fish17.00 S$
Chuang.Yi Seafood Singapore Menu Price – Meat 2024
Black Pepper Venison18.00 S$
Claypot Dried Chilli Venison18.00 S$
Ginger Spring Onion Venison18.00 S$
Marmite Pork Ribs13.00 S$
Pan-fried Pork Ribs16.00 S$
Pork Ribs & Gravy13.00 S$
Salted Egg Pork Ribs13.00 S$
Sweet & Sour Pork13.00 S$
Hotplate Bean Curd13.00 S$
Homemade Minced Pork Bean Curd13.00 S$
Claypot Bean Curd13.00 S$
Cai Po Bean Curd13.00 S$
Braised Bean Curd Soup13.00 S$
Prawn Omelette9.00 S$
Onion Omelette9.00 S$
Minced Meat Omelette9.00 S$
Fu Rong Omelette9.00 S$
Chai Poh Omelette9.00 S$
Chuang.Yi Seafood Soups Menu 2024
Bitter Gourd Soup6.00 S$
Fish Head Soup6.80 S$
Mixed Vegetable Soup6.00 S$
Salted Vegetable Soup6.00 S$
Seafood Fish Maw Soup8.80 S$
Seafood Soup6.80 S$
Seaweed Soup6.00 S$
Sliced Fish Soup6.80 S$
Tom Yum Soup8.80 S$
Tomato with Egg Soup6.00 S$

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Chuang.Yi Seafood Singapore Fried Rice Menu 2024
Silverfish Fried Rice6.00 S$
Seafood Fried Rice6.50 S$
Salted Fish Fried Rice6.00 S$
Bee Hoon5.20 S$
Crispy Noodle6.00 S$
Dried & Fried Hor Fun6.00 S$
Hokkien Mee5.20 S$
Hong Kong Mee6.00 S$
Hor Fun5.20 S$
Mee Goreng6.50 S$
Seafood Bee Hoon6.80 S$
Seafood White Bee Hoon6.80 S$
Singaporean Bee Hoon6.00 S$
Sliced Fish Hor Fun6.80 S$
yee Mee6.00 S$

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Chuang.Yi Seafood Singapore Menu – Rice Bowl Set Meal 2024
Lala Rice Bowl7.80 S$
Prawn Rice Bowl7.80 S$
Royal Emperor Seafood Rice Bowl11.80 S$
Sliced Fish Rice Bowl7.80 S$
Black Pepper Chicken Cube Rice6.80 S$
Curry Chicken Cube Rice6.80 S$
Dried Chilli Chicken Cube Rice6.80 S$
Fragrant Chicken Cube Rice6.80 S$
Ginger Spring Onion Chicken Cube Rice6.80 S$
Lemon Chicken Cube Rice6.80 S$
Salted Egg Chicken Cube Rice7.50 S$
Sambal Chicken Cube Rice6.80 S$
Sweet & Sour Chicken Cube Rice6.80 S$
Thai Style Mango Chicken Cube Rice6.80 S$
Sambal Petai Sotong Rice8.00 S$
Sambal Petai Prawn Rice8.00 S$
Sambal Petai Minced Pork Rice8.00 S$

No, Chuang Yi Seafood is not halal certified.

Yes, Chuang Yi Seafood also accepts reservations.

Payment only by cash is the option available at the Chuang Yi Seafood restaurant.

Yes, a dine-in facility is also available at the Chuang Yi Seafood restaurant.


Chuang.Yi Seafood Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.


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