Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Greetings to the Indian food lovers! Are you waiting for the Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai Menu? Yes, you are at the right destination. We are here for you and to let you know about this great menu. There are categories with a great variety of foodstuff on this menu. It is one of the most renowned menus in Singapore. Stay with us to explore every nitty gritty of this menu.

Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai Menu 2024
  • Biryani
  • Meal Sets
  • Dosa
Meal Sets
Nattu Kozhi MealsS$10.70
Fish MealsS$10.70
Mutton MealsS$12.00
Border Rahmath Parotta Special
Border Parotta 3 PcsS$3.90
Wheat Parotta 3 PcsS$5.20
Veechu ParottaS$2.60
Saalna ParottaS$4.55
Egg KothuS$7.80
Chicken KothuS$11.60
Mutton KothuS$12.90
Egg CeylonS$5.85
Egg Chicken CeylonS$11.60
Mutton CeylonS$12.90
Egg ParottaS$2.60
Border Rahmath Seafood Special
Fish FryS$7.15
Prawn 65S$9.10
Prawn Pepper FryS$9.75
Prawn Onion FryS$11.05
Border Rahmath Nattu Kozhi Special
Gun Chicken 1 PcsS$7.15
Nattu Kozhi Porichathu 1 PcsS$7.60
Nattu Kozhi Shredded Fry 1 PcsS$9.10
Nattu Kozhi Chicken CurryS$7.15
Nattu Kozhi Shredded Onion Fry 1 PortionS$9.75
Nattukozhi Chicken Podimas 1 PortionS$11.60
Border Rahmath Mutton Special
Mutton ChopsS$11.05
Mutton SukkaS$11.05
Mutton Pepper Onion FryS$11.70
Mutton PodimasS$12.90
Border Rahmath Kaadai Special
Kaadai PorichadhuS$6.50
Kaadai Shredded Pepper FryS$7.80
Kaadai Shredded Onion FryS$9.10
Kadai PodimasS$11.05
Border Rahmath Idiyappam Special
Idiyappam PayaS$13.00
Idiyappam Chicken KothuS$11.60
Idiyappam Mutton KothuS$12.90
Idiyappam Egg KothuS$9.00
Border Rahmath Egg Special
Ding Dongs EggsS$3.25
Karandi OmeletteS$3.25
Masalai KalakiS$4.55
Half BoilS$2.60
Egg PodimasS$6.50
Mutton OmeletteS$7.80
Chicken OmeletteS$7.80
Border Rahmath Dosa Special
Kal DosaS$3.90
Nice DosaS$3.25
Ghee DosaS$3.25
Onion DosaS$3.25
Egg DosaS$4.55
Chicken DosaS$6.00
Mutton DosaS$7.20
Border Rahmath Dosa Special
Wheat Veg KothuS$10.30
Wheat Egg KothuS$10.30
Wheat Chicken KothuS$12.90
Wheat Mutton KothuS$14.15
Paneer Dishes
Palak PaneerS$11.90
Paneer Butter MasalaS$13.30
Kadai PaneerS$11.90
Muttar PaneerS$11.00
Chili PaneerS$13.50
Non Vege Side Dishes
Butter ChickenS$10.00
Chili ChickenS$15.00
Chicken Tikka Masala 5 PcsS$13.20
Chicken KadaiS$12.50
Chicken KhormaS$12.50
Chicken CurryS$8.50
Mutton MasalaS$13.00
Mutton Rogan JoshS$15.00
Mutton KadaiS$12.30
Garlic ChickenS$12.30
Ginger Chicken 6 PcsS$12.50
Chicken Loly PopS$15.60
Prawn MasalaS$14.50
Prawn CurryS$13.00
Chilli PrawnS$14.80
Butter Prawn MasalaS$15.00
Egg MasalaS$7.80
Mutton CurryS$12.50
Border Rahmath Biryani Special
Mutton BiryaniS$15.20
Nattu Kozhi Chicken BriyaniS$13.20
Plain BiryaniS$6.80
Kaadai BiryaniS$12.00
Vanjaram BiryaniS$12.00
Prawn BiryaniS$13.20
Ghee Rice with Fried FishS$12.90
Ghee Rice with Mutton CurryS$14.90
Border Rahmath Vege Special
Vege ComboS$7.80
Wheat Vege KothuS$10.30
Vege KothuS$7.80
Idiyappam Vege KothuS$7.80
Vege DosaS$4.55
Vege NoodlesS$7.15
Egg NoodlesS$7.80
Chicken NoodlesS$9.75
Mutton NoodlesS$11.10
Fried Rice
Vege Fried RiceS$7.20
Egg Fried RiceS$ 7.80
Chicken Fried RiceS$9.75
Mutton Fried RiceS$11.10
Chicken ChopsS$11.50
Vege Side Dishes
Dal TadakaS$7.15
Aloo GobiS$8.50
Gobi MasalaS$9.10
Aloo MattarS$9.80
Bindi MasalaS$9.10
Vege KhormaS$9.80
Mix Vege MasalaS$9.10
Gobi ManchurianS$10.40
Chana MasalaS$7.80
Tandoor Dishes
Tandoori ChickenS$8.50
Chicken Tikka 6 PcsS$12.50
Chicken Cheese KebabS$15.60
Rashmi Kebab 6 PcsS$13.60
Hariyali Kebab 6 PcsS$13.60
Naan Dishes
Plain NaanS$2.60
Butter NaanS$3.90
Garlic NaanS$4.60
Cheese NaanS$4.60
Garlic Butter NaanS$4.60
Tandoor RotiS$3.50
Ice Cream with Fruit SaladS$6.00
Banana SplitS$6.00
Ice CreamS$3.00
Hot Beverages
Bru CoffeeS$2.00
Ginger Milk TeaS$2.00
Black TeaS$1.50
Black CoffeeS$1.50
Hot Lemon TeaS$2.00
Honey Lemon TeaS$2.90
Badam MilkS$3.00
Iced Beverages
Milo IcedS$2.70
Horlicks IcedS$3.30
Iced TeaS$3.00
Iced CoffeeS$3.00
Milo DinosaurS$4.50
Milo GodzillaS$5.00
Bandung IcedS$2.50
Honey Lemon TeaS$2.90
Iced Badam MilkS$2.80
Lime SodaS$4.50
Butter MilkS$3.00
Canned DrinksS$1.80
Fresh Juices
Orange JuiceS$4.00
Apple JuiceS$4.00
Pineapple JuiceS$4.00
Mango JuiceS$4.50
Watermelon JuiceS$4.00
Lemon Juice YellowS$3.50
Avocado MilkshakeS$5.00
Banana MilkshakeS$5.00
Mango MilkshakeS$5.00
Strawberry MilkshakeS$5.00
Chocolate MilkshakeS$5.00
Pomegranate MilkshakeS$6.00
Sweet LassiS$4.50
Salt LassiS$4.50
Mango LassiS$5.00
Strawberry LassiS$5.00
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Yes, Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai Menu is halal certified.

Yes, there’s an outdoor seating plan available for the valued customers at the Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai restaurant.

Yes, there’s a lunch option available at the Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai restaurant.

Yes, there’s an availability of the high chairs at the Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai restaurant.


Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai Singapore is officially Halal Certified Restaurant.


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