D’Life Signature Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, D’Life Signature Restaurant is a culinary haven that promises an unforgettable dining experience. From the moment you step foot into this enchanting establishment, you’re transported into a realm of exquisite flavors and captivating ambiance. The restaurant’s elegant décor, with its soft lighting and tasteful furnishings, sets the stage for a truly memorable meal. As I perused the extensive D’Life Signature Menu, my taste buds tingled with anticipation, eager to explore the diverse range of culinary delights that awaited me. We bring you D’Life Signature Menu.

D’Life Signature Menu

D’Life Signature Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Restaurant D’Life Signature Restaurant
Delivery Hotline+65 6909 9525
HalalNot Halal Certified
Locations10 Sinaran Drive #B1-105/106/129 Square 2, Singapore 307506
Timings Monday To Sunday, 11 am–9 pm

At D’Life Signature Restaurant, it’s not just about the exceptional food; it’s the entire experience that captivates your senses. The warm and attentive staff go above and beyond to ensure a seamless dining experience, while the stylish and cozy ambiance creates an inviting atmosphere for both intimate dinners and gatherings with friends. Whether you’re a discerning food enthusiast or simply looking for an extraordinary culinary adventure, D’Life Signature Restaurant is a true gem that promises to satisfy your cravings and leave you with unforgettable memories.

The moment I took my first bite, I knew I was in for a gastronomic treat like no other. Each dish from the D’Life Signature Menu was crafted with utmost precision, showcasing a harmonious blend of flavors that danced on my palate. From the succulent Grilled Seafood Platter, brimming with fresh prawns and tender squid, to the aromatic Truffle Mushroom Risotto, every dish was a masterpiece in itself. The skilled chefs at D’Life Signature Restaurant have perfected the art of balancing flavors, creating dishes that are both indulgent and satisfying. As I savored each bite, I couldn’t help but appreciate the careful attention to detail and the use of premium ingredients that elevated every dish to new heights.

Some of the favorites from the D’Life Signature Menu are

  • Fragrant Yam Ring With Sweet & Sour Chicken Cube
  • Minced Meat Rice
  • Minced Meat U Mian

D’Life Signature Menu

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D’Life Signature Menu
D’Life Signature Menu
Chef Recommend
Black Sauce Soon Hock FishS$31.40
Signature Assam FishS$21.40
Asparagus with ScallopS$18.50
Savoury Lotus RootS$15.70
Fragrant Yam Ring With Kung Po HericiumS$22.80
Fragrant Yam Ring With Sweet & Sour Chicken CubeS$21.40
Fragrant Yam Ring With Buddha’s DelightS$21.40
Claypot Bak Kut TehS$15.70
Savoury Spicy FishS$17.10
XO Hericium XOS$17.10
Golden Suckling PigS$35.70
Green CurryS$15.70
Cereal PrawnS$17.10
Hotplate Mini SteaksS$18.50
Kung Po Chicken CubeS$14.20
Savoury Spicy Chicken CubeS$14.20
Sweet & Sour Chicken CubeS$14.20
Claypot Vinegar TrottersS$18.50
Curry Flavour Calamari RingsS$17.10
Sweet & Sour MeatS$14.20
Claypot Fish Head CurryS$20.00
Hotplate Grilled FishS$17.10
Nonya Cod FishS$15.70
Teochew Steam FishS$15.70
Bitter Gourd Stew Cod FishS$15.70
Shredded Ginger DuckS$14.20
Black Pepper DuckS$14.20
Sweet & Sour Soon Hock FishS$17.10
The Four Heavenly KingsS$17.10
Buddha’s DelightS$14.20
Claypot Meicai Brinjal StewS$15.70
Claypot Shredded CabbageS$14.20
Century Vinegar BrinjalS$15.70
Sambal Kang KongS$12.80
Sambal Sweet Potato LeavesS$12.80
Buddhas Delight with Fish MawS$14.20
Hotplate BrinjalS$14.20
Sambal French BeansS$14.20
Basil Leaf BrinjalS$14.20
Stir-fry Season VegetablesS$14.20
Asparagus HericiumS$17.10
Rendang HericiumS$17.10
Sesame Oil HericiumS$17.10
Sesame Oil HericiumS$17.10
Cereal Abalone MushroomS$17.10
Sweet & Sour Golden EnokiS$14.20
Mushroom BroccoliS$17.10
Mushroom SpinachS$17.10
Hericium BroccoliS$18.50
Hericium SpinachS$18.50
Dry Stir Oyster MushroomS$14.20
Sweet & Sour Abalone MushroomS$15.70
Thai Style Abalone MushroomS$14.20
Kung Po Abalone MushroomS$15.70
Kung Po HericiumS$17.10
Cereal TofuS$15.70
Three Cups TofuS$15.70
Nonya Petal TofuS$17.10
Cai Por TofuS$14.20
Spicy TofuS$11.40
Thai Style TofuS$11.40
Hometown TofuS$11.40
Himeji Steam TofuS$12.80
Mapo TofuS$12.80
Meat Floss TofuS$12.80
Minced Meat TofuS$11.40
Hotplate TofuS$14.20
Fragrant Claypot TofuS$15.70
Minced Meat RiceS$8.40
Thai Style Curry RiceS$8.40
Hainan Chicken RiceS$8.40
Sweet & Sour Meat RiceS$9.20
Yang Zhou Fried RiceS$8.40
Olive Fried RiceS$9.20
Cedar Shoot Fried RiceS$9.20
Ginger Chicken RiceS$9.20
Black Pepper Hericium RiceS$10.00
Kung Po Abalone Mushroom RiceS$9.20
Kung Po Chicken Cube RiceS$9.20
Ginger Fried RiceS$9.20
Mamak Fried RiceS$9.20
Signature Fried RiceS$11.00
Kung Po Hericium RiceS$10.00
White RiceS$1.00
Brown RiceS$1.50
Fragrant RiceS$1.50
Pineapple Fried RiceS$11.00
Salted Fish Fried RiceS$10.00
Claypot Hericium RiceS$10.00
Penang Asam LaksaS$10.00
Canto BeehoonS$8.40
Hor FunS$8.40
Hokkien MeeS$8.40
Penang Fried Kway TeowS$9.20
Fish Slice Beehoon SoupS$8.40
KL NoodleS$8.40
Mee GorengS$8.40
Minced Meat U MianS$8.40
Satay BeehoonS$8.40
Local LaksaS$8.40
Sin Chew BeehoonS$8.40
Cedar Shoot Fried BeehoonS$9.20
Claypot Ee MeeS$9.20
Ginger Mee SuaS$10.00
Penang Prawn NoodlesS$10.00
Claypot Rice Pin NoodleS$10.00
Crispy NoodlesS$9.20
Signature Claypot Fish SoupS$17.10
Thai Tomyam SoupS$11.40
Sichuan Spicy Sour Thick SoupS$11.40
Ginger SoupS$11.40
Seaweed SoupS$10.00
Chicken Slice CongeeS$7.10
Minced Meat CongeeS$7.10
Fishball CongeeS$7.10
Abalone CongeeS$10.00
Salad W Sesame DressingS$7.10
Salad W Olive Oil DressingS$7.10
Fruit& Veg SaladS$8.50
Thai Fish CakeS$12.10
Chicken NuggetsS$7.10
Five Spice RollS$11.40
Hericium SatayS$7.10
Calamari RingsS$9.20
Pizza MargheritaS$17.10
Hawaiian PizzaS$17.10
Mixed Mushrooms PizzaS$17.10
Western Cuisine
Roasted King Oyster Mushrooms W EggplantS$22.70
Crispy Chicken Thigh MushroomS$22.70
Baked Hericium W Black Pepper SauceS$22.70
Chicken Chop & ChipsS$17.00
Fish & ChipsS$17.00
Pork Chop & ChipsS$17.00
Penne W Basil & AsparagusS$18.40
Spicy Aglio OlioS$14.10
Pomodoro SpaghettiS$14.10
D’Life Signature
All Day BreakfastS$24.10
Pumpkin SoupS$9.80
Corn SoupS$9.80
Violet Sweet Potato BurgerS$21.20
Portobello WellingtonS$31.20
Japanese Curry Potato CroissantS$21.20
Avocado TartineS$15.50
Mushrooom SoupS$9.80
Cauliflower SoupS$9.80
White Sourdough BallS$31.20
Hummus TartineS$14.10
Korean Rice Patty BurgerS$21.20
Tomato Olive Capsicum PizzaS$17.10
Guacamole CroissantS$9.80
Honey Concoction
Honey LemonS$5.00
Honey CalamansiS$5.00
Honey YuzuS$5.00
Honey With Chia SeedS$5.00
Violet BoostS$7.10
Tea & Coffee
Kopi OS$2.70
Kopi CS$3.00
Yuan YangS$3.10
Milk TehS$2.80
Teh OS$2.70
Teh CS$3.00
Soy MilkS$3.50
Almond TeaS$3.50
Cold Beverages
Black Currant SpriteS$5.00
Passion Fruit SpriteS$5.70
Lemon Chia SeedS$5.00
Calamansi Chia SeedS$5.00
Orange JuiceS$5.00
Green Apple JuiceS$5.00
Red Apple JuiceS$5.00
Lemon CokeS$4.20
100 PlusS$2.80
Iced Lemon TeaS$2.80
Golden PlumS$4.20
Sky JuiceS$0.70
Mojito Sprite TailS$5.70
Mangosteen Black Currant SpriteS$7.10
Passion Chia SeedS$5.00

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