Fun Tea Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Hello to all Tea Lovers! Fun Tea Singapore is a haven for tea enthusiasts and food lovers seeking a unique and enjoyable culinary adventure. The enchanting ambiance, refreshing flavors, and exceptional customer service all contribute to its well-deserved reputation. Whether you’re a local looking for a delightful tea experience or a visitor seeking a memorable dining experience, Fun Tea Singapore is the perfect destination to indulge in their Fun Tea Menu.

fun tea menu Singapore
Restaurant Fun Tea
Delivery Hotline502-749-1376
HalalNot Certified Halal
Locations10 Anson Rd, #01-36 International Plaza, Singapore
Timings Monday to Friday: 7:30 am to 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday off

Step into a world of vibrant colors and delectable flavors at Fun Tea Singapore. This whimsical tea-centric restaurant is a hidden gem that promises a delightful experience for foodies and tea lovers alike. From classic favorites like Hong Kong milk tea and bubble tea to innovative creations like matcha lava cake and taro boba pancakes, there is something to satisfy every craving in Fun Tea Menu. The dishes are expertly prepared with high-quality ingredients, ensuring each bite is bursting with flavor and freshness. Also check Tapa King Menu

The restaurant’s dedication to quality and presentation shines through in every aspect, from the food to the service. The friendly and attentive staff go the extra mile to ensure guests feel welcomed and satisfied.

  • Fun Meal
  • Local Delight
  • Traditional Coffee
Fun Tea Fun Meal Menu 2024
Chee Cheong Fun + 2 Siew Mai4.80 S$
Fan Choy + 2 Siew Mai4.80 S$
Loh Mai Kai + 2 Siew Mai5.30 S$
Fun Tea Singapore Local Delight Menu 2024
BBQ Chicken Bao1.40 S$
Char Siew Bao1.40 S$
Chee Cheong Fun2.80 S$
Dry Mee Siam3.30 S$
Fan Choy2.80 S$
Hand Made Chicken Bao2.30 S$
Kaya Bao1.20 S$
Kong Bak Bao2.30 S$
Loh Mai Kai3.30 S$
Nasi Lemak2.90 S$
Otah1.90 S$
Red Bean Bao1.20 S$
Siew Mai 2 Pieces2.20 S$
Yam Bao1.20 S$
Fun Tea Menu – Traditional Coffee 2024
Yuan Yang2.00 S$
Honey Coffee C2.10 S$
Gula Melaka Coffee2.10 S$
Coffee O1.70 S$
Coffee C1.90 S$
Coffee + C1.90 S$
Coffee1.80 S$

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Gula Melaka Tea2.10 S$
Honey Tea C2.10 S$
Honey Tea O1.90 S$
Tea1.80 S$
Tea + C1.90 S$
Tea C1.90 S$
Tea O1.70 S$
Fun Tea Speciality Tea Menu Price 2024
Lime Tea1.90 S$
Lemon Tea1.90 S$
Honey Wolf Berry Tea O2.20 S$
Honey Lime Tea2.20 S$
Honey Lemon Tea2.20 S$
Honey Grass Jelly Milk Tea2.40 S$
Grass Jelly Tea1.90 S$
Ginger Teo O1.90 S$
Ginger Tea1.90 S$
Almond Tea2.20 S$
Honey Ginger2.10 S$
Honey Ginger2.10 S$
Honey Grass Jelly2.10 S$
Honey Lemon2.10 S$
Honey Lemon Lime2.10 S$
Honey Lime2.10 S$
Honey Lime Sour Plum2.10 S$
Honey O1.80 S$
Honey WolfBerry2.10 S$

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Fun Tea Menu Price – Nutritional Beverages 2024
Oat Cereal Milk2.40 S$
Milo Dinosaur Iced3.50 S$
Milo2.40 S$
Ginger Milk2.20 S$
Cereal Milk2.20 S$
Almond Ginger Milk2.70 S$
Almond Cereal Milk2.70 S$
Strawberry Green Tea3.00 S$
Snow Pear Black Tea3.30 S$
Pomegranate Oolong Tea3.30 S$
Osmanthus Pu Erh Tea3.30 S$
Organic Oolong Tea3.00 S$
Jasmine Rose Tea3.00 S$

Yes, the Fun Tea Menu is halal-certified.

Yes, a variety of coffee options is available at the Fun Tea restaurant.

Yes, you can get honey with many more things at the Fun Tea Menu.

There’s no contact delivery facility available at the Funeral Tea Menu.


Fun Tea Singapore is officially Halal Certified Restaurant.



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