Gandhi Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Greetings! Are you an Indian food lover and looking for the best options to satisfy your appetite in Singapore? We are here to help you with the Gandhi Menu. The Gandhi Restaurant is serving halal Indian food in Singapore. Indian cuisine is not just a meal, it is a mixture of traditional flavors that you should certainly try. We bring you Gandhi Menu.

Gandhi Restaurant Menu
Restaurant Gandhi Restaurant
Delivery Hotline+65 6299 5343
Locations29/31 Chander Rd, Singapore 219538
126 Dunlop St, Singapore 209445
Timings Monday to Sunday 11:30 am to 11:00 pm
  • Vegetarian
  • Seafood
  • Chicken
Gandhi Restaurant Singapore Meals  2024
Veg Set Meal5.00 S$
Veg Biryani Set Meal6.50 S$
Tofu Sambal2.50 S$
Masala Egg1.00 S$
Quail’s Egg (5 Pieces)2.00 S$
Gandhi Restaurant Seafood Menu Prices 2024
Fish (Fried / Curry / Sambal)3.50 S$
Fish Cutlet2.50 S$
Fish Puttu3.50 S$
Ikan Bilis (Sambal / Curry)3.50 S$
Sambal Crabs7.00 S$
Sambal Prawns / Shrimps6.00 S$
Fish Roe4.50 S$
Sotong6.50 S$
Sardine3.50 S$

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Gandhi Restaurant Chicken Dishes Menu 2024
Masala Chicken5.00 S$
Chicken (Ginger / Pepper / Chilli)5.00 S$
Chicken (Single Piece)(Onion / Dalcha / Curry / Korma / Pudina / Masala)5.00 S$
Gandhi Restaurant Singapore Mutton Menu 2024
Mutton (Masala / Korma / Curry)6.00 S$
Mutton (Ribs / Stomach / Liver)6.00 S$
Gandhi Restaurant Singapore Extra Menu 2024
Rice (Small / Large)1.00 S$ / 1.50 S$
Biryani Rice3.00 S$
Soup (Tomato / Keerai)0.50 S$
Rasam / Mooru0.50 S$
Yogurt1.00 S$
Papadam0.30 S$
Pickel0.50 S$
Vegetable / Salad0.70 S$
Kesari1.00 S$
Laddu1.50 S$
Sweets / Payasam1.00 S$
Savories2.00 S$
Beeda1.00 S$
Gravies / Sambal0.70 S$
Gandhi Restaurant Menu – Tiffin 2024
Thosai / Utthapam1.50 S$
Rava Thosai2.00 S$
Paper Thosai2.00 S$
Butter/ Ghee / Onion1.00 S$
Masala / Egg1.00 S$
Gandhi Special Thosai4.50 S$
Idli1.00 S$
Vada1.00 S$
Omelet1.50 S$
Chapati1.50 S$
Plain Paratha1.20 S$
Egg / Onion1.00 S$
Veg Kothu Paratha5.00 S$
Egg Kothu Paratha6.00 S$
Chicken Kothu Paratha7.00 S$
Mutton Kothu Paratha8.00 S$
Lemon Juice2.00 S$
Mineral Water Small1.50 S$
Can Drinks1.50 S$
Lemon Soda2.50 S$
Tea (Hot / Cold)1.50 S$ / 2.00 S$
Nescafe (Hot / Cold)1.50 S$ / 2.00 S$
Tea ‘O’ (Hot / Cold)1.00 S$ / 1.50 S$
Ginger Tea (Hot / Cold)2.00 S$ / 2.50 S$
Masala Tea (Hot / Cold)2.00 S$ / 2.50 S$
Lassi (Sweet / Salt)2.00 S$
Lassi (Mango)3.00 S$
Milo (Hot Cold)2.00 S$ / 2.50 S$
Buttermilk1.00 S$

Yes, Gandhi Singapore is halal certified.

No, contact delivery is not available at the Gandhi Restaurant.

No, Gandhi Restaurant does not accept reservations.

Yes, food at late-night is also available at Gandhi Restaurant.


Gandhi Singapore is officially Halal Certified Restaurant.


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