Golden Jade Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Hello Food Lovers! Are you craving for Golden Jade Restaurant Menu? We bring you the latest Golden Jade Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore 2024.  At Sg Menu we have covered all the different cuisines and restaurants all around Singapore so you can search for any restaurant around you and enjoy your favorite meals. We have sourced the Golden Jade Restaurant Menu and Prices 2024 20from the outlet.

Golden Jade Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Restaurant Golden Jade Restaurant Singapore
Delivery Hotline+65 6744 3022
Delivery ChargesDelivery charges start from $5
Location271 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389324
Delivery hoursDaily 12 pm to 3 am

In case you have come to Singapore and looking for restaurant providing Chinese, Asian as well as sea the food options you need to check the latest Golden Jade Restaurant Menu and Pricelist 2024. Thus you can eat up scrumptious food at Golden Jade Restaurant. Singapore has multiple different mouthwatering cuisines that will make you dwell in the goodness of food.

Golden Jade Restaurant provides a great ambiance. You can also take away or get your food delivered to your doorstep. Here are my personal favorites from the Golden Jade Restaurant Menu

  • Braised Pig Trotter
  • Yee Mee Noodle with Seafood
  • Abalone Sambal Fried Rice
  • Steamed Live Soon Hock Fish
  • Lamb Ribs Stewed Soup
  • Dry Pot Live Frog

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Chef Specialties
Abalone and Sea Cucumber VegetableS$58.00
Braised Sea CucumberS$48.80
Pork Tendons Sea Cucumber MushroomS$48.00
Treasure DuckS$42.00
Braised Pig TrotterS$20.00
Pepper and Salt Pig TrotterS$20.00
Yam RingS$32.00
Lala Hokkien NoodleS$8.50
Stir-fried Hor Fun Mee with Chinese SausageS$7.80
White Mee Hoon With GravyS$8.00
Seafood with Rice NoodleS$7.50
Rice Noodle With SeafoodS$7.80
Beef with Rice NoodleS$8.50
Fried Rice Noodle wiith BeefS$8.50
Fried Noodle With SeafoodS$7.80
Stir-fried Bee HoonS$7.80
Seafood with Bee HoonS$7.80
Yee Mee Noodle with SeafoodS$7.80
HK Style Fried Ding NoodleS$7.80
Fried One EggS$1.50
Deep-fried Prawn RollS$12.00
Boiled Pork Dumpling with CabbageS$6.60
Boiled Pork Dumpling with LeekS$6.60
Fried DumplingS$7.70
Crispy Vegetarian Spring RollS$6.60
Fried Mini BunS$5.50
Pumpkin PancakeS$6.60
French FriesS$5.50
Deep-fried Cheese Tofu with Salted EggsS$12.00
Fried Luncheon MeatS$8.00
Suchuan Hot & Spicy DumplingS$8.90
Salted Egg Fish SkinS$12.00
Fried 4 Mini Buns With Chilli Crab Meat SauceS$9.80
One Person Meal 1
Abaloe Fried RiceS$18.00
Abaloe Sambal Fried RiceS$18.00
Abaloe Fried Rice with Chicken & Salted FishS$22.00
Fried Rice with Shredded Chicken and Salted FishS$7.80
Yang Chow Fried RiceS$7.80
Seafood Fried RiceS$8.00
Crab Meat Fried RiceS$13.20
Fried Rice with Luncheon Meat & EggS$7.80
Chicken Fried RiceS$7.50
Sambal Fried RiceS$7.30
Sambal Chicken Fried RiceS$8.00
Fried Rice With BeefS$8.50
Seafood with RiceS$7.80
Egg Fried RiceS$6.50
Fried Rice with Chinese SausageS$7.00
Rice with Red Braised Pork Belly & EggS$9.80
Rice with Curry Slice Pork with GravyS$8.00
Rice with Spicy and Salted Sliced PorkS$7.80
Sweet & Sour Pork RiceS$7.80
Rice with Sliced Pork Black PepperS$7.80
Rice With Shredded Pork Green ChilliS$8.50
Rice with Shredded Pork in Chilli SauceS$8.00
Fried Pork with Ginger & Spring OnionS$7.80
Rice with Pork Bitter Ground Black Bean SauceS$ 8.50
Rice with Slice Pork with Black Bean SauceS$8.00
Rice with Curry Slice Beef With GravyS$8.50
Beef & Poached Egg Rice with GravyS$8.90
Slice Beef with Ginger & Spring OnionS$8.50
Rice with Shredded Chicken with GravyS$8.00
Rice With Salted Egg ChickenS$8.00
Rice With Butter Cream ChickenS$8.00
Rice with Lemon ChickenS$7.50
Rice with Sweet Sour ChickenS$7.50
Rice with Chicken Bitter Ground Black Bean SauceS$8.50
Rice with Chicken with Black Bean SauceS$7.50
Rice with Butter Cream Cheese BeancrudS$9.90
Rice with Salted Egg Cheese BeancrS$9.90
Rice with Mapo Tou FuS$7.80
Rice with Fried Tomato and EggS$7.80
Rice with Shredded Potato in Spicy and Sour SauceS$7.50
Plain RiceS$1.20
Soup Noodle
Seafood Mee Hoon SoupS$7.50
Noodles Spicy Soup With Beef BrisketS$7.80
Noodles Soup With Spare RibS$7.80
Noodles Spicy Soup With VegetableS$7.80
Noodles Soup With Shredded Pork And Salted VegetableS$7.80
Noodles In Sze Chuan Hot And Spicy SoupsS$7.80
Abalone & Seafood Noodle SoupS$17.30
Tom Yum Seafood MeeHoon SoupS$7.50
Steamed Live Soon Hock FishS$69.80
Fresh Seabass FishS$41.80
Red Grouper FishS$69.80
Promotion Patin FishS$42.00
Sliced Dolly Fish In Spicy Oil SoupS$22.80
Sliced Dolly Fish In Pepper And SaltS$22.80
Sliced Dolly Fish In Sour Vegetable SoupS$22.80
Bitter Gourd, Sliced Fish In Salted BeanS$22.80
Lamb Ribs Stewed SoupS$36.00
Crab Meat in Fish Maw SoupS$22.00
Hot and Spicy SoupS$12.00
Shredded Kelp with Ribs SoupS$12.00
Tomato with Eggs SoupS$7.80
Seaweed Eggs SoupS$7.80
Spicy Soup Noodles with Spare RibsS$7.30
Sweet and Sour Spare RibsS$18.00
Pepper and Salt Spare RibsS$18.00
Spare Ribs with Hot and SpicyS$18.00
Spare Ribs with Bitter Gourd and SauceS$21.00
Sweet and Sour PorkS$18.00
Steamed Pork Belly in Special SauceS$20.00
Fried Pork Intestine with ChilliS$18.00
Deep-fried Pork Intestine in SpicyS$18.00
Boiled Pork in Spicy SoupS$18.00
Pork Intestine with Sour Vegetable Rice NoodleS$16.00
Sliced Pork with Black PepperS$16.00
Sliced Pork Belly with Dried ChilliS$16.00
Fried Black Fungus with Sliced PorkS$16.00
Shredded Pork with Green ChilliS$16.00
Yu Shiang Shredded PorkS$16.00
Fried Celery with Shredded PorkS$16.00
Braised Pig TrotterS$20.00
Pepper and Salt Pig TrotterS$20.00
Red Braised Pork BellyS$18.00
Curry Slice PorkS$16.00
Hot and Spicy ChickenS$18.00
Chicken PotS$27.82
Salted Eggs ChickenS$18.00
Sweet and Sour ChickenS$18.00
Crispy Sliced Chicken with Lemon SauceS$18.00
Roasted ChickenS$18.00
Yam RingS$32.00
Boneless Deep-fried Crispy ChickenS$18.00
Braised Chicken MushroomS$18.00
Pumpkin Prawn with BroccoliS$24.20
Fried Prawn with Dried ChilliS$22.00
Salted Eggs PrawnS$22.00
Butter PrawnS$22.00
Black Pepper PrawnS$22.00
Fried Prawn in Pepper and SaltS$22.00
Boiled PrawnS$22.00
Dry Pot PrawnS$22.00
Deep-fried PrawnS$22.00
Fried Clam with Ginger and Onion TasteS$18.80
Fried Clam in Thai StyleS$18.80
Boiled ClamS$18.80
Sambal ClamS$18.80
Fried Clams in ChilliS$18.80
Seafood FamilyS$92.80
Steamed Seafood PotS$78.80
Hotplate BeefS$16.50
Stew Potato with beef SirloinS$16.50
Stewed Beef with TomatoS$16.50
Beef in Black PepperS$16.50
Slice Beef with Ginger & Spring OnionS$16.50
Beef in Hot Spicy SoupS$20.00
Live Frog
Live Frog with Ginger and Spring OnionS$17.00
Live Frog with Gong Bao SauceS$17.00
Deep-fried Frog with GingerS$17.00
Live Frog with Chicken EssenceS$18.00
Deep-fried Spicy FrogS$18.00
Live Frog in Hot Spicy SoupS$20.00
Dry Pot Live FrogS$28.80
Dry Pot
Dry Pot CauliflowerS$15.00
Dry Pot CabbageS$15.00
Dry Pot PotatoS$15.00
Dry Pot Pork IntestineS$20.00
Dry Pot PrawnS$22.00
Dry Pot Live FrogS$28.80
Lamb and Mutton
Lamb Ribs with SauceS$26.50
Pepper and Salt Lamb RibsS$26.50
Lamb Ribs in Hot and SpicyS$26.50
Lamb Ribs Stewed SoupS$36.00
Vegetable Dishes
Broccoli with ScallopS$22.00
Eggplant Meat and Salted Fish in ClaypotS$ 12.80
Vegetable with Salted and Century EggS$14.80
Stewed EggplantS$12.80
Fried Leaf Lettuce in GarlicS$12.80
Fried Leaf Lettuce with Dace in Soya BeansS$16.80
Shredded Potato in Sour and Spicy SauceS$12.80
Spicy Fried CabbageS$9.63
Fried Chinese YamS$12.80
Fried Vegetable with GarlicS$12.80
Fried Water Spinach with GarlicS$12.80
Sambal Balacan KangkungS$13.00
Baby KailanS$12.80
Fried Mixed VegetableS$12.80
Bitter Ground in Black Bean SauceS$12.80
Bitter Ground in Salted EggsS$15.80
Fried Seasonal BeanS$12.80
Fried Celery with Black FungusS$12.80
Fried Celery with Cashew NutsS$14.80
Fried Celery with MushroomS$12.80
Green Dragon VegetablesS$11.77
Sambal Seasonal BeanS$12.80
Ma-Po TofuS$12.80
Deep-fried Tofu with Cereal SauceS$14.80
Tofu with Crab MeatS$17.80
Abalone With BeancurdS$20.12
Thai Style BeancurdS$12.84
Egg Beancurd with Vegetable in ClaypotS$14.80
Hotplate Eggs BeancurdsS$14.80
Fried Eggs
Fried Black Fungus with EggS$12.00
Fried Egg Bitter GourdS$12.00
Fried Onion OmeletteS$12.00
Fried Tomato with EggS$12.00
Fried Shrimp OmeletteS$14.00
Salted Egg CrayfishS$38.00
Soup Noodles with Shredded Pork and Salted VegetableS$7.80
Dry Noodles with Fried Tomato and EggS$7.80
Dry Noodles with Shredded Pork and ChilliS$7.80
Dry Noodles with Shredded PorkS$7.80
Noodles in SzeChuan Hot & Spicy SoupS$7.80
Dry Noodles with Spicy & Salted Slice porkS$7.80
Longan Sea Coconut SyrupS$5.50
Mango PuddingS$5.50
Chinese Herbal JellyS$5.50
Sesame Glutinous Balls in Ginger SoupS$5.50
Glutinous Balls in Sesame PasteS$5.50
Yam Paste with Gingko NutS$5
Glutinous Ball In Almond Paste (Hot)S$6.00
Iced Grass Jelly with Alone VeraS$5.00
Iced Grass Jelly with LonganS$5.00
Almond PasteS$4.00
Ice Longan Alone VeraS$5.00
Grass Jelly without MilkS$ 8.90
Grass Jelly with MilkS$8.90
Iced Mango Yogurt MilkS$5.50
Orange JuiceS$3.30
Lemon JuiceS$3.30
Sour PlumS$3.21
Fresh Lemon HoneyS$3.30
Fresh Lemon 7upS$3.30
Fresh Lemon Coca ColaS$3.30
Homemade Fresh Lemon TeaS$3.30
Nutri ExpressS$3.21
Snow Pear JuiceS$3.30
Iced MiloS$4.00
Chinese TeaS$2.50
Chrysanthemum TeaS$2.50
Canned Soya BeanS$2.14
Canned Green TeaS$2.14
Canned Herbal DrinksS$3.21
Mineral WaterS$1.60
Plain WaterS$0.32
Wet TissueS$0.54
Homemade Lemon Barley Water (Hot)S$2.80
Snow Honey PomeloS$3.30
Mango Fruit JuiceS$4.00
Blue Ice Longan Alone VeraS$5.80
Ice Rainbow SpriteS$4.50
Ice Yogurt Milk With RainbowS$4.50
Iced Three Layer Milk TeaS$4.50
Grass Jelly Milk Tea IcedS$4.50
Yuenyeung (Milk Coffee Mixed With Tea) ColdS$4.50
Yuenyeung HOT (Milk Coffee Mixed With Tea)S$4.00
Hot Milk TeaS$4.00
Iced Water Chestnut with Aloe VeraS$4.50
Ice Water ChestnutS$3.30
Iced Red Bull SpriteS$4.50
Ice Water Chestnut with LongansS$4.50
Fresh Lemon Ribena(Cold)S$4.00
Home Made Lemon Barley (Cold)S$4
Home Made Lemon Barley (Hot)S$3.50
Ice Milk CoffeeS$4.50
Hot Milk CoffeeS$4.00
Ice Water Chestnut with LongansS$4.50
Hot MiloS$2.50
Thai Green Lemon TeaS$4.50
Lemon Passion FruitS$5.00
Thai Green Milk TeaS$4.50
Lemon Passion Fruit Sparkling WaterS$5.50

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