Gopizza Menu Singapore & Price List Updated 2024

Greetings Italian cuisine lovers! Today we will explore the Gopizza Menu with the latest prices that will be enough to awaken your taste buds. Wanna try the Italian burgers, pizza, and also a lot of menu options in Singapore? Gopizza Menu is here to cater to all your needs. The Gopizza provides you with a wide range of options that are included in the Combos.


The menu of Gopizza is so special to me because it consists of already-made combos. The real taste to make your day more special. Gopizza is not halal-certified. The aroma at the Gopizza is very delightful and the tantalizing tastes are ready to satisfy your appetite. We have covered the whole Gopizza Menu with prices. Let us explore their complete menu in detail. See Also MARUSAYA MENU.

Allergen Information of Gopizza Menu Singapore

Menu ItemContains Allergens
Margherita PizzaDairy (cheese), Wheat (crust)
Pepperoni PizzaDairy (cheese), Wheat (crust), Pork
Vegetarian PizzaDairy (cheese), Wheat (crust)
Hawaiian PizzaDairy (cheese), Wheat (crust), Pork
Chicken AlfredoDairy (cream), Wheat (pasta)
Garlic BreadDairy (butter), Wheat (bread)
Caesar SaladDairy (cheese), Egg, Fish (anchovies)
Greek SaladDairy (cheese)
Chicken WingsWheat (breading), Soy
French FriesNone
Onion RingsWheat (breading)
Chocolate BrownieDairy (butter), Egg, Wheat
Vanilla Ice CreamDairy (milk)
Strawberry Sorbet

Gopizza Menu Singapore UPDATED 2024

Gopizza Menu Singapore can be categorised as GOPIZZA COMBO MENU , PIZZA MENU , PASTA MENU , K-CHICKEN MENU , SIDES MENU & BEVERAGES MENU Let’s see them in detail one by one.

Combo 1
Comes with 1 Pizza, 1 Shaker Fries, 1 Drink
S$ 14.59
Combo 2
Comes with 1 Pasta, 1 Shaker Fries, 1 Drink
S$ 13.67
Comes with 1 Pizza, 3 K-Chicken , 1 Topokki
S$ 24.31
Party Combo
Comes with 2 Pizzas, 2 Pastas, 4 K-Chicken, 4 Drinks
S$ 54.77
Triple Cheese Pizza
3 Types of Cheese with tomato base and crispy curst
S$ 8.90
Ham & Cheddar Pizza
Chicken Ham and Cheese Pizza, with the Tomato base and Red Cheddar Cheese.
S$ 9.91
Hawaiian Overload Pizza
Chicken Ham and Cheese mixed with tangy-sweet pineapple and onion
S$ 11.19
K-Bulgogi Pizza
Savoury beef bulgogi drizzle with savoury teriyaki sauce and mayonaise
and garnishing with special herb blend
S$ 12.66
Maniac Pepperoni Pizza
Beef pepperoni on the tomato base pizza with the cheesey mozzarella
S$ 14.13
Aglio Olio Pasta
Spaghetti Aglio pasta (Mild Spicy)
S$ 7.98
Tomato Cheese Pasta
Spaghetti tomato base pasta topped with mozzarella cheese (Non-spicy)
S$ 8.99
Carbonara Pasta
Spaghetti cream based pasta (Non-spicy)
S$ 9.45

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Original K-Chicken
Original flavour Korean fried chicken
S$ 9.45
Yangnyum K-Chicken
Korean fried chicken coated with sweet yangnyum sauce
S$ 9.45
Snow Garlic K-Chicken
Korean fried chicken coated with snow garlic power
S$ 9.45
Korean rice cake in tteokbokki sweet and savoury sauce
S$ 7.80
Cheese Topokki
Korean rice cake in tteokbokki sweet and savoury sauce covered with cheesy mozzarella cheese
S$ 8.99
Garlic Pizza Bread
Savoury garlic flavour on the pizza dough
S$ 8.35
Chicken Tenders (5pcs)
Boneless chicken strips
S$ 7.25
Cheese Sticks (5pcs)
Mozzarella cheesy cheese sticks
S$ 7.25
Shaker Fries
Shoestring fries serve with a flavour of seaweed or sea salt
S$ 3.67
Wedge Fries
Savoury wedges fries
S$ 3.67
Milkis (Original)S$ 3.67
Milkis (Melon)S$ 3.67
Milkis (Strawberry)S$ 3.67
Milkis (Peach)S$ 3.67

Nutritional Information Table for Gopizza Menu Singapore

ItemServing SizeCaloriesFat (g)Carbohydrates (g)Protein (g)Fiber (g)Sugar (g)Sodium (mg)
Margherita Pizza1 slice (100g)25010301224300
Pepperoni Pizza1 slice (100g)28012351435350
Hawaiian Pizza1 slice (100g)27011321326320
Vegetarian Pizza1 slice (100g)2409281143280
BBQ Chicken Pizza1 slice (100g)29013381627370

About Gopizza Menu Singapore

At Gopizza in Singapore, we prioritize transparency regarding allergens in our menu. Our offerings include a variety of pizzas, pastas, salads, and sides. Common allergens like dairy, wheat, pork, and eggs are present in certain dishes. We advise customers with dietary restrictions to review our allergen information carefully. Our staff is available to assist and accommodate special requests to ensure a safe dining experience.

Latest Deals at Gopizza Menu Singapore

Family Feast2 Large Pizzas, 1 Garlic Bread, 1 Caesar SaladMay 1 – May 15
Lunch SpecialAny Personal Pizza + Soft DrinkWeekdays, 11am-3pm
Student Discount15% off with valid student IDAll year round
Combo Meal1 Regular Pizza + 1 Side + 1 DrinkDaily
Happy Hour20% off all pizzas between 3pm – 5pmWeekdays

Careers at Gopizza Menu Singapore

Pizza ChefPrepare and cook pizzas according to recipesCulinary experience, attention to detail
Delivery DriverDeliver orders promptly and safelyValid driver’s license, knowledge of area
Restaurant ManagerOversee daily operations, manage staffManagement experience, leadership skills
CashierHandle transactions, provide customer servicePrevious cashier experience
Kitchen AssistantAssist chefs with food preparationBasic kitchen skills, ability to multitask

Alternative of Gopizza Menu Singapore

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (SGD)
Crust & Craft PizzaCustomizable pizzas with various toppings$12 – $20
Pasta ParadiseSelection of classic and signature pastas$10 – $18
Fresh SaladsAssorted salads with homemade dressings$8 – $12
AppetizersGarlic bread, bruschetta, cheese platter, etc.$6 – $12
Sizzling SidesFries, onion rings, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks$5 – $10
Dessert DelightsChocolate lava cake, tiramisu, gelato, etc.$6 – $9
Refreshing DrinksSoft drinks, juices, iced tea, and more$2 – $5

Offers Table For Gopizza Menu Singapore

Family Combo2 Large Pizzas, 1 Garlic Bread, 1 Salad, 1.5L DrinkAll week
Lunch SpecialAny Personal Pizza + Soft DrinkWeekdays, 11am-3pm
Student Discount15% off with valid student IDAll year round
Combo Meal1 Regular Pizza + 1 Side + 1 DrinkDaily
Happy Hour20% off all pizzas between 3pm – 5pmWeekdays

Gopizza Menu Singapore Birthday Party Packages Table

PackageDescriptionPrice (SGD)Inclusions
Pizza PartyReserved area, customizable pizza options, soft drinks$200Choice of 3 large pizzas, 3 pitchers of soft drinks
Deluxe CelebrationPrivate party room, pizza buffet, cake, decorations$350Unlimited pizza buffet, birthday cake, decorations
Ultimate BashExclusive venue rental, themed decorations, entertainment$600Personalized pizza menu, themed decorations, entertainment options (magician, clown, etc.)

Gopizza Menu Singapore party boxes table

Party BoxDescriptionPrice (SGD)Inclusions
Pizza Lover’s BoxAssorted pizzas suitable for a group, choice of toppings$503 Large Pizzas, 2 Garlic Breads, 1 Salad, 1.5L Soft Drink
Snack Attack BoxPerfect for nibbling, ideal for gatherings, variety of snacks$35Garlic Bread, Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, Chicken Wings, Soft Drink
Kids’ Party BoxChild-friendly selection, suitable for birthday parties$40Personal-sized Pizzas (Pepperoni, Margherita), French Fries, Soft Drink
Veggie Delight BoxVegetarian options to please herbivore guests$45Margherita Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza, Greek Salad, Garlic Bread, Soft Drink

Cicheti Menu Singapore VS Gopizza Menu Singapore

Menu ItemCicheti Menu SingaporeGopizza Menu Singapore
Margherita PizzaN/A (Italian restaurant, may not offer pizza)Margherita Pizza – Classic tomato and cheese
Pepperoni PizzaN/A (Italian restaurant, may not offer pizza)Pepperoni Pizza – Spicy pepperoni slices
Vegetarian PizzaN/A (Italian restaurant, may not offer pizza)Vegetarian Pizza – Assorted veggies
Garlic BreadPane all’Aglio – Oven-baked garlic breadGarlic Bread – Crispy bread with garlic butter
Caesar SaladInsalata Caesar – Classic Caesar saladCaesar Salad – Crisp romaine with Caesar dressing
Pasta CarbonaraPasta alla Carbonara – Traditional carbonara pastaN/A (Gopizza focuses on pizzas and sides)
Chicken AlfredoN/A (Italian restaurant, may offer creamy pasta dishes)Chicken Alfredo – Creamy chicken pasta
TiramisuTiramisu – Classic Italian dessertN/A (Gopizza focuses on pizzas and sides)
GelatoGelato – Assorted flavors of Italian ice creamN/A (Gopizza focuses on pizzas and sides)

Vouchers from Gopizza Menu Singapore

Student DiscountEnjoy 15% off with a valid student ID15% offAll year round
Combo Meal DealGet 1 Regular Pizza + 1 Side + 1 Drink at a discounted priceDiscounted meal comboDaily
Family Feast OfferPerfect for family gatherings – includes pizzas, sides, and drinksDiscounted packageAll week
Lunch SpecialPersonal Pizza + Soft Drink at a special price during lunch hoursDiscounted meal dealWeekdays, 11am-3pm
Happy Hour Special20% off on all pizzas between 3pm – 5pm20% offWeekdays

Sub of the day at Gopizza Menu Singapor

Day of the WeekSub of the Day SpecialPrice (SGD)Validity
MondayMargherita Madness – Classic Margherita Pizza$8Mondays only
TuesdayPepperoni Passion – Spicy Pepperoni Pizza$8Tuesdays only
WednesdayVeggie Delight – Assorted Vegetable Pizza$8Wednesdays only
ThursdayHawaiian Bliss – Hawaiian Pizza$8Thursdays only
FridayGarlic Lovers – Garlic Breadsticks$5Fridays only
SaturdayCombo Craze – Pizza Combo Meal$12Saturdays only
SundayFamily Feast – Large Pizza Combo for the whole family$20Sundays only

Gopizza Menu Singapore Happy hours

ItemDescriptionPrice (SGD)
Margherita PizzaClassic tomato, mozzarella, basil$8
Pepperoni PizzaTomato, mozzarella, pepperoni$9
Hawaiian PizzaTomato, mozzarella, ham, pineapple$9
Vegetarian PizzaTomato, mozzarella, assorted veggies$8
BBQ Chicken PizzaBBQ sauce, mozzarella, chicken, onions$10
Mushroom PizzaTomato, mozzarella, mushrooms$8
Garlic BreadOven-baked garlic bread$4
Chicken WingsFried chicken wings with sauce$6
Beer (Draft)Selected local and craft beers$5
House WineSelected red or white wine$6
Soft DrinksAssorted soft drinks$2

Reviews of Gopizza Menu Singapore

Reviews of Gopizza Menu Singapor

Gopizza Menu Singapore Services

Service options

  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in

Dining options

  • Lunch
  • Dinner


  • Casual


  • Groups


  • Good for kids

No, Gopizza is not halal-certified.

Mainly, the Italian cuisine is served at the Gopizza.

Yes, a takeaway facility is also available at the restaurant.

The ambiance of Gopizza is simply casual and also comfy.


GOPIZZA Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.


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