Hack It Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Greetings! Do you have a craving for seafood? We have an option for you. Today we are introducing you to the Hack It Menu which will be enough to satisfy your seafood cravings. So, get ready with us for a delightful culinary adventure that will bring satisfaction to your taste buds. We have discussed the updated Hack It Menu in the following section. You can check out the latest menu with prices.

Hack It Menu  Singapore feature

If we talk about Hack It Menu, it is so special for seafood lovers. The menu contains so many options to satisfy your appetite. The restaurant is not halal certified. Hack It Restaurant provides you with a cozy, pleasing, and welcoming ambiance. They ensure to provide a unique dining experience to their valuable customers. Let us explore the Hack It Menu in detail. See Also SHROVE TUESDAY MENU.

  • Deluxe Seafood Pack
  • Steamed Rice
  • Penne Pasta

Allergen Table for Hack It Menu Singapore

GlutenWheat, barley, rye, oats
DairyMilk, cheese, yogurt, butter
EggsChicken eggs, duck eggs
NutsAlmonds, peanuts, walnuts, cashews
SoySoybeans, soy sauce, tofu, soy milk
ShellfishShrimp, crab, lobster, shellfish extract
FishSalmon, tuna, cod, haddock
WheatBread, pasta, flour, wheat-based products
SesameSesame seeds, sesame oil
SulfitesSulfur dioxide, sulfite preservatives
MustardMustard seeds, mustard powder, mustard oil
CeleryCelery stalks, celery leaves, celery salt
LupinLupin seeds, lupin flour
MolluscsSquid, octopus, mussels, oysters
PeanutsPeanuts, peanut butter
Tree NutsAlmonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans, macadamia

Hack It MENU Singapore UPDATED 2024

Hack It MENU can be categorized as Seafood, Salads, Sides and Cocktails. Let’s see them in detail one by one.

Deluxe Seafood Pack (2 To 3 persons)
Live Mud Crab (600 grams), Live Boston Lobster (500 grams), Clams (100 grams), Mussels (100 grams), Prawns (200 grams), and Pearl Corn (100 grams)
118.00 S$
Lobster in a Pack (2 To 3 persons)
Live Boston Lobster (500 grams), Clams (100 grams), Mussels (100 grams), Prawns (200 grams), and Pearl Corn (100 grams)
72.00 S$
“Xiao Long Xia” in a Pack (2 To 3 persons)
Xiao Long Xia (500 grams), Clams (100 grams), Mussels (100 grams), Prawns (200 grams), and Pearl Corn (100 grams)
48.00 S$
Crab in a Pack (2 To 3 persons)
Live Mud Crab (600 grams), Clams (100 grams), Mussels (100 grams), Prawns (200 grams), and Pearl Corn (100 grams)
72.00 S$
Hack It Menu &  price Singapore
HACK IT Caesar Salad HACK IT Caesar Salad
Our 8-layer caesar salad brings all the boys to the yard with a tasty toss-up of Romaine Lettuce, Charred Corn, Cherry Tomatoes, Crispy Bacon, Soft-boiled Egg, Grana Padano, ‘ManTou’ Croutons, and Asian Caesar Dressing.
18.00 S$
Steamed Rice2.00 S$
Penne Pasta3.00 S$
Instant Noodles3.00 S$
Deep-fried Mini “ManTou” (4 pieces)
Mini “ManTou” deep-fried till golden brown.
3.00 S$
Seafood Bacon Roll
Eight pieces
14.00 S$
SPAM Time! with Mala Mayo
Thick-cut Spam fries deep-fried to a perfect crisp served with a savory Mala Mayo for an extra kick.
12.00 S$
SPAM Time! with Mala Mayo
Thick-cut Spam fries deep-fried to a perfect crisp served with a savory Mala Mayo for an extra kick.
10.00 S$
Garlic Fried Rice
Fragrant Jasmine white rice wok-fried with crispy garlic and spring onions.
5.00 S$
Crab in the Cake with Nonya Mayo
Three pieces
14.00 S$
Gula Melaka Brussel Sprouts12.00 S$
Crispy Coated Umami Fries w Cereal Furikake
We are getting down and dirty with this winning side dish of crispy cut fries coated with aged vinegar mayo and loaded with cereal furikake.
Hack It Menu Singapore

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Passion De-Light
Cucumber Infused Vodka, Lime, Passion Fruit Puree
17.00 S$
In Love With Rosemary
Strawberry & Rosemary Infused Gin, Aperol, Lemon, Apple, Rosemary Syrup, Scrappy’s Black Lemon Bitters
17.00 S$
I Am Coconuts
Red Chilli & Kaffir Lime Leaf Infused White Rum, Lime, Apple, Coconut Syrup
17.00 S$
Earls Old Fashioned
Earl Grey Tea Infused Single Malt Orange Whisky, Vanilla Salted Caramel, Scrappy’s Orange Bitters, Angostura Bitters
16.00 S$
Twisted Negroni
Strawberry & Rosemary Infused Gin, Campari, Cinzano Rosso, Cocchi Amaro
16.00 S$

Nutrition Table for Hack It Menu Singapore

Menu ItemServing SizeCaloriesCarbohydrates (g)Protein (g)Fat (g)Fiber (g)Sugar (g)Sodium (mg)
Hacked Burger1 burger60045253555800
Hack It Bowl1 bowl40030201585600
Hack It Wrap1 wrap45035182068700
Hacked Salad1 serving30020151073500

Latest Deals at Hack It Menu Singapore

Deal DescriptionValidityTerms and Conditions
Hack of the DayDaily, All DayEnjoy a selected menu item at a special discounted price.
Happy Hour SpecialMon-Fri, 3pm-6pmHalf-price appetizers with the purchase of any main course.
Weekend Combo DealSat-Sun, All DayBuy one main course and get a dessert for free.
Loyalty ProgramOngoingJoin our loyalty program and earn points for every dollar spent.


Hack It Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.




Hack It Singapore Restaurant short video

About Hack It Menu Singapore

Hack It Menu Singapore is a unique dining concept that allows customers to customize and personalize their meals according to their preferences. With a focus on creativity and innovation, Hack It offers a wide range of menu options, including burgers, bowls, wraps, salads, and more. The restaurant encourages customers to “hack” their meals by selecting their choice of ingredients, sauces, and toppings to create a dish that suits their taste.

Hack It Menu Singapore prides itself on using fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers whenever possible. The menu features a variety of options to cater to different dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices. Whether you’re craving a hearty burger, a nutritious bowl, or a refreshing salad, Hack It has something for everyone.

In addition to its customizable menu offerings, Hack It Menu Singapore provides a casual and welcoming dining atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for a quick lunch, a relaxed dinner, or a casual gathering with friends and family. The restaurant’s friendly staff are always on hand to assist customers with their meal choices and ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Overall, Hack It Menu Singapore offers an innovative and customizable dining experience that allows customers to unleash their creativity and enjoy delicious meals tailored to their individual preferences.

ALTERNATIVES OF Hack It Menu Singapore

  1. Build-Your-Own Bowl Eatery: A restaurant that offers a similar concept of customizing bowls with various ingredients and toppings.
  2. DIY Burger Joint: A burger establishment where customers can build their own burgers with a variety of buns, patties, cheeses, and toppings.
  3. Customizable Wrap Cafe: A cafe specializing in wraps and offering a wide selection of fillings, sauces, and condiments for customers to customize their wraps.
  4. Salad Bar Chain: A chain of salad bars that allows customers to create their own salads with fresh greens, proteins, vegetables, and dressings.
  5. Personalized Pizza Place: A pizza restaurant where customers can build their own pizzas with their choice of crusts, sauces, cheeses, and toppings.

BEST SELLING ITEMS AT Hack It Menu Singapore

  1. Signature Hack Burger: A classic burger with a juicy beef patty, melted cheese, crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, onions, and special sauce on a toasted bun.
  2. Build-Your-Own Bowl: Customers love creating their own bowls with a choice of base (rice, quinoa, salad), protein (grilled chicken, tofu, shrimp), toppings (avocado, roasted vegetables, edamame), and sauce (teriyaki, sriracha mayo, peanut sauce).
  3. Custom Wrap: The customizable wrap option allows customers to choose their preferred wrap (whole wheat, spinach, gluten-free), protein (steak, grilled fish, falafel), fillings (mixed greens, cucumber, bell peppers), and dressing (ranch, tahini, vinaigrette).
  4. Fresh Salad: The fresh salad option is a hit among health-conscious diners, featuring a mix of crisp greens, colorful vegetables, protein options (grilled chicken, chickpeas, hard-boiled eggs), and a variety of dressings.
  5. Loaded Fries: Perfect for sharing or as a side dish, loaded fries are a crowd favorite with generous toppings such as melted cheese, crispy bacon, green onions, and drizzles of ranch dressing or barbecue sauce.

Careers Of Hack It Menu Singapore

  1. Chef: Responsible for preparing and cooking dishes according to menu specifications, ensuring high-quality and consistent food standards.
  2. Line Cook: Assists the chef in food preparation tasks, such as chopping vegetables, grilling meats, and assembling dishes.
  3. Kitchen Assistant: Supports the kitchen team with tasks like washing dishes, cleaning workstations, and restocking ingredients.
  4. Server: Provides excellent customer service by taking orders, serving food and drinks, and ensuring guest satisfaction.
  5. Bartender: Prepares and serves beverages, creates signature cocktails, and maintains cleanliness and organization of the bar area.
  6. Front-of-House Staff: Greets customers, manages reservations, and assists with seating arrangements to ensure a smooth dining experience.
  7. Management Positions: Opportunities may exist for individuals with experience in restaurant management to oversee daily operations, staff management, and customer service.

Offers Table For Hack It Menu Singapore

Offer DescriptionValidityTerms and Conditions
Lunch SpecialMon-Fri, 11am-3pmEnjoy a special discounted price on select menu items during lunch hours.
Student DiscountOngoingStudents with valid ID can enjoy 10% off their total bill.
Weekend Family Meal DealSat-Sun, All DayPurchase a family meal package and receive a complimentary dessert.
Loyalty ProgramOngoingJoin our loyalty program and earn points for every dollar spent.

Hack It Menu Singapore Birthday Party Packages Table

Package NameDescriptionPriceInclusions
Basic CelebrationA simple package perfect for small gatherings, includes a choice of main course and soft drinks.$200– Choice of main course (burger, bowl, wrap)
– Soft drinks for all guests
Deluxe CelebrationUpgrade to the deluxe package for additional options, including appetizers, desserts, and more.$350– Choice of main course (burger, bowl, wrap)
– Appetizers, desserts, and drinks for all guests
Ultimate CelebrationThe ultimate package for larger parties, featuring a customizable menu, decorations, and more.$500– Customizable menu options
– Appetizers, desserts, and drinks for all guests
– Decorations

Hack It Menu Singapore Party Boxes Table

Party Box NameDescriptionPriceInclusions
Burger BonanzaA selection of signature burgers and sides, perfect for a casual gathering or office party.$80– Assorted burgers (beef, chicken, veggie)
– Fries
– Coleslaw
– Soft drinks
Bowl BashBuild-your-own bowl party box with a variety of protein, veggie, and sauce options to please every palate.$100– Choice of base (rice, quinoa, salad)
– Protein options (chicken, tofu, shrimp)
– Assorted toppings
Wrap It Up PackWrap platter with a mix of classic and customizable wraps, ideal for picnics, meetings, or gatherings.$70– Assorted wraps (chicken caesar, veggie, falafel)
– Chips
– Hummus and pita
Salad SamplerFresh salad party box with a variety of seasonal greens, toppings, and dressings to satisfy health-conscious guests.$90– Mixed greens salad
– Assorted toppings (avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers)
– Choice of dressings

Hack It Menu Singapore VS Neptune Menu Singapore Table

AspectHack It Menu SingaporeNeptune Menu Singapore
CuisineCustomizable burgers, bowls, wraps, saladsSeafood-focused dishes, including fresh fish and shellfish
Menu OptionsBurgers, bowls, wraps, salads, customizable optionsSeafood platters, grilled fish, pasta, salads
CustomizationHighly customizable with choice of ingredientsLimited customization options
AtmosphereCasual, modernCasual, relaxed
Dietary OptionsVegetarian, vegan, gluten-free options availableLimited vegetarian and vegan options
Price RangeModerateModerate to high
Specialty DishesSignature burgers, build-your-own bowlsFresh seafood platters, grilled fish specialties
Beverage SelectionSoft drinks, some alcoholic beverages availableWine, beer, cocktails
Target AudienceDiverse, catering to various preferencesSeafood enthusiasts, special occasion diners
Promotions and DealsDaily specials, loyalty program, student discountsSeasonal seafood specials, happy hour deals

Sub of the day at Hack It Menu Singapore

At Hack It Menu Singapore, we don’t have a traditional “Sub of the Day” promotion like you might find at a sandwich chain. However, we offer daily specials and rotating menu items to keep things exciting for our customers. These specials could include limited-time offers, chef’s recommendations, or seasonal creations. We invite you to visit us regularly to discover our latest offerings and enjoy delicious meals customized to your liking.

Hack It Menu Singapore Happy Hours

Since Hack It Menu Singapore specializes in customizable meals rather than traditional drinks or bar offerings, we don’t have designated “Happy Hours” in the typical sense. However, we may occasionally run promotions or discounts during certain times of the day to provide added value to our customers. These promotions could include discounted prices on select menu items, special combo deals, or bonus offers for loyalty program members.

We strive to create a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience for our customers every day, regardless of the time. Whether you visit us for lunch, dinner, or a snack, we aim to provide delicious food, excellent service, and a comfortable atmosphere. Keep an eye on our website or social media channels for any upcoming promotions or special offers.

Hack It Menu Singapore Voucher Table

Voucher NameDescriptionDiscountValidity
Birthday SpecialCelebrate your birthday with us and receive a complimentary dessert with the purchase of any main courseFree dessertValid on your birthday
Student DiscountPresent your student ID and enjoy 10% off your total bill10% offOngoing
Loyalty ProgramJoin our loyalty program and earn points for every dollar spentPoints systemOngoing
Weekday Lunch DealEnjoy a discounted price on select menu items during weekday lunch hoursSpecial pricesMon-Fri, 11am-3pm

Hack It Menu Singapore Services


  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet

Service options

  • Delivery
  • Takeaway


  • Alcohol
  • Beer
  • Braille menu
  • Cocktails
  • Coffee
  • Late-night food

Dining options

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert
  • Seating


  • Toilets
  • Wi-Fi
  • Free Wi-Fi


  • Family friendly


  • Accepts reservations


  • NFC mobile payments


  • Good for kids
  • High chairs

Hack It Menu Singapore Ratings

hack it menu Singapore ratings

Yes, Hack It Singapore also offers a free wi-fi facility.

No, Hack It Singapore is not Halal certified.

Yes, Hack It Singapore also accepts reservations.

Yes, the delivery facility is also available by the restaurant.

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