KangKar Mala Hotpot Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Hello, Foodies! Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable culinary adventure at KangKar Mala Hotpot Restaurant in Singapore. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be captivated by the vibrant and lively atmosphere. The restaurant’s cozy and welcoming ambiance, with its warm lighting and contemporary decor, sets the stage for an immersive dining experience. It’s the perfect spot to gather with friends and indulge in a satisfying and spicy hotpot feast. We bring you KangKar Mala Hotpot Menu.

Restaurant KangKar Mala Hotpot Restaurant
Delivery Hotline+65 6385 9485
HalalNot Halal Certified
Locations100 Hougang Ave 10, Singapore 538767
Timings Open 24 Hours

Now let’s delve into the star of the show—the KangKar Mala Hotpot Menu. KangKar Mala Menu is a treasure trove of mouthwatering delights that will take your taste buds on a fiery journey. The centerpiece of the menu is, of course, the Mala Hotpot, a spicy and fragrant broth that forms the foundation of this delectable experience. Packed with an assortment of fresh ingredients, from succulent meats to an array of vegetables and seafood, every bite is a burst of flavors and textures. As you explore the menu, you’ll find an enticing selection of meats such as tender beef slices, juicy chicken, and succulent prawns, all ready to be cooked to perfection in the simmering hotpot.

Menu ItemDairyEggsGlutenSoyNutsShellfish
Szechuan ChickenX
Mapo TofuXX
Kung Pao PrawnsXX
Beef with BroccoliX
Hot and Sour Soup
Vegetable Spring RollsX
Fried RiceXX

KangKar Mala MENU can be categorised as Whole Menu, Let’s see them in detail one by one.

Little Spicy$0.50
Medium Spicy$0.50
Very Spicy$0.50
Super Spicy$0.50
Non Spicy$0.50
Whole Menu of KangKar Mala Hotpot
Menu ItemServing Size (g)Calories (kcal)Protein (g)Carbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Fiber (g)
Szechuan Chicken2003002515123
Mapo Tofu1502501020155
Kung Pao Prawns2503503018204
Beef with Broccoli3004003525183
Hot and Sour Soup1 bowl (300)18082552
Vegetable Spring Rolls2 rolls (100)15052083
Fried Rice1 plate (200)3001040122

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  • +65 6385 9485
Restaurant NameCuisine TypeAmbianceHighlights
Hai Di LaoChinese (Sichuan)Modern, livelyPremium hotpot ingredients, excellent service, and interactive dining experience.
Beauty in The PotChinese (Various)Elegant, relaxingNourishing and collagen-rich soup bases, wide selection of ingredients, and cozy ambiance.
Da Long YiChinese (Sichuan)Authentic, casualAffordable Sichuan hotpot with a good selection of spice levels and fresh ingredients.
M Hotel Steamboat BuffetAsian FusionCasual, buffet-styleAll-you-can-eat steamboat buffet with a range of Asian and international dishes.
JPotKorean-ChineseContemporary, casualKorean-style hotpot with a variety of soup bases and Korean side dishes.

KangKar Mala Hotpot is a famous eatery in Singapore known for its Sichuan-style hotpot food. While explicit verifiable subtleties might change, KangKar Mala has some expertise in offering a wide determination of new fixings and tasty stock choices for clients to appreciate in a shared and intuitive feasting setting. To become familiar with KangKar Mala Hotpot’s set of experiences and culinary way of thinking, visit their authority site or counsel online audits from cafes in Singapore.

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Dish NameDescription
Spicy Sichuan HotpotAuthentic Sichuan-style hotpot with spicy broth and premium ingredients like beef, lamb, seafood, and vegetables.
Mushroom PlatterAssortment of fresh mushrooms (shiitake, enoki, king oyster) served for dipping in the hotpot broth.
Wagyu Beef SlicesThinly sliced Wagyu beef that cooks quickly in the hotpot and melts in your mouth.
Handmade DumplingsDelicious dumplings filled with pork, shrimp, or vegetables, perfect for dipping in the hotpot broth.
Fish TofuSoft and tender tofu made with fish paste, ideal for adding texture and flavor to the hotpot.
Century EggTraditional Chinese delicacy made from preserved duck eggs, sliced and enjoyed as a side dish.
Hand-pulled NoodlesFreshly made noodles cooked in the hotpot broth, offering a comforting and satisfying addition to your meal.
Offer TitleDescriptionValidity Period
Lunch Set PromotionEnjoy a set lunch menu at a special price, including hotpot selection and appetizers.Weekdays, 12 PM – 3 PM
Happy Hour SpecialDiscounted prices on selected drinks and appetizers during specified hours.Daily, 5 PM – 7 PM
Birthday CelebrationComplimentary dessert or special offer for birthday celebrations at KangKar Mala Hotpot.Month of birthday
Student DiscountSpecial discount for students upon presentation of valid student ID.Ongoing
Family PackageDiscounted rates for larger groups or families dining together.Weekends, all day
Package NameDescriptionInclusionsPrice per Person (SGD)
Sichuan FeastPerfect for birthday celebrations with a Sichuan hotpot feast.– Assorted hotpot ingredients (meat, seafood, vegetables)Starting from $30
Premium CelebrationUpgrade to premium ingredients and additional courses.– Premium wagyu beef, seafood selectionStarting from $50
VIP ExperienceExclusive dining experience with a private dining area.– VIP treatment, dedicated servers, customized menuStarting from $80
Party Box NameDescriptionContentsPrice (SGD) per Box
Sichuan Hotpot Party BoxBring the hotpot experience home with a complete set.– Pre-packed hotpot ingredients (meat, vegetables, noodles)Starting from $50
Appetizer Sampler BoxPerfect for small gatherings or parties.– Assorted appetizers (dumplings, spring rolls, skewers)Starting from $30
Premium Hotpot Selection BoxUpgrade to premium ingredients for a special occasion.– Wagyu beef, seafood selection, handmade dumplingsStarting from $80
Vegetarian Delight BoxCatering to vegetarian guests with flavorful options.– Vegetarian hotpot ingredients (tofu, mushrooms, greens)Starting from $40
CategoryYardbird Menu SingaporeKangKar Mala Hotpot Menu Singapore
Cuisine TypeSouthern American (Fried Chicken, Comfort Food)Sichuan-style Hotpot
Popular Dishes– Fried Chicken– Spicy Sichuan Hotpot
– Macaroni and Cheese– Mushroom Platter
– Chicken and Waffles– Wagyu Beef Slices
Vegetarian OptionsLimitedYes, with vegetarian hotpot ingredients
Signature DrinkSweet TeaChinese Tea or Herbal Tea
AmbianceCasual, laid-backVibrant and lively
Voucher TypeDescriptionValidity PeriodDiscount/Deal
Happy Hour SpecialEnjoy discounted prices on selected hotpot sets during specific hours.Daily, 5 PM – 7 PMUp to 30% off
Birthday CelebrationReceive a complimentary dish or dessert for birthday celebrations at KangKar Mala Hotpot.Month of birthdayFree item
Student DiscountSpecial discount for students upon presentation of valid student ID.Ongoing10% off total bill
Group Booking OfferDiscounted rates for large group reservations (minimum 6 persons).Weekends, all day20% off group booking
Dish NameDescription
Spicy Sichuan HotpotAuthentic Sichuan-style hotpot with a spicy and aromatic broth, featuring a variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables.
Mushroom PlatterAssorted fresh mushrooms (such as shiitake, enoki, and king oyster mushrooms) for dipping into the hotpot broth.
Wagyu Beef SlicesThinly sliced premium Wagyu beef that cooks quickly in the hotpot and is deliciously tender.
Handmade DumplingsFlavorful dumplings filled with pork, shrimp, or vegetables, perfect for dipping and enjoying in the hotpot.
Fish TofuSoft and delicate fish tofu made with fish paste, adding a unique texture to the hotpot experience.
Century EggPreserved duck eggs served sliced as a traditional Chinese delicacy and side dish.
Hand-pulled NoodlesFresh and springy hand-pulled noodles cooked in the hotpot broth, offering a comforting and satisfying option.
Happy Hour PromotionDescriptionTimingSpecial Offer
Spicy Broth SpecialEnjoy discounted prices on spicy hotpot broth during happy hour.Daily, 4 PM – 6 PM20% off broth
Beverage Combo DealPair your hotpot with discounted drinks during happy hour.Weekdays, 5 PM – 7 PMBuy one, get one free
Early Bird DiscountArrive early and receive a discount on hotpot sets before 6 PM.Daily, 5 PM – 6 PM15% off total bill
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  • Casual
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KangKar Mala Hotpot Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.

No, the Kangkar Mala Hotpot Menu is not halal-certified.

Yes, the environment is family-friendly at the Kangkar Mala Hotpot Menu.

Yes, desserts are available at the Kangkar Mala Hotpot restaurant.

Yes, Kangkar Mala Hotpot Menu is accepting reservations.

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