Kazokutei Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Hello Foodies! Are you a Japanese cuisine lover and looking for the Kazokutei Menu in Singapore? You are in the best place where you will find your desired menu. Along with this menu, you can also get any other menu. Kazokutei provides you with Japanese cuisine in Singapore. Japanese cuisine is also a love for foodies. We have uploaded the updated Kazokutei Menu in the following.

Kazokutei Menu

Kazokutei Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

Restaurant Max’s All About Chicken Singapore
Delivery Hotline+65 6980 7131
Locations304 Orchard Rd, B1-8,9,10 Asian Food Mall, Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863
Delivery hoursMonday – Sunday 11:20 AM – 10:00 PM

Kazokutei Menu is enriched in flavor-filled options. The menu includes vast options like rice, udon, curry, and much more. The restaurant is not certified halal. The aromas of the tasteful dishes there create the environment of love or fill it with the warmth of love. You can get the updated Kazokutei Menu with prices in the following. Let us explore the updated menu. See Also OMOTE MENU.

  • Kazokutei Toji Nabe Rice Set
  • Kazokutei Ala Carte Udon
Kazokutei Toji Nabe Rice Set Menu 2024
Pork Cutlet Toji Set Meal with Miso Soup16.00 S$
Pork Cutlet Toji Set Meal with Mini Udon18.50 S$
Kazokutei Singapore Menu – Omu Rice 2024
Combo Omu Rice16.00 S$
Pork Cutlet Omu Rice15.00 S$
Fried Chicken Omu Rice14.00 S$
Zaru Udon12.00 S$
Red Miso Tan Tan Udon12.50 S$
Red Miso Cheese Cutlet Udon15.00 S$
Chicken Kimchi Udon14.00 S$
Pork Kimchi Udon16.00 S$
Pork Cutlet Curry Udon (Dry)15.00 S$
Curry Udon (Dry)15.00  S$
Seafood Tomyam Nabeyaki Udon17.00 S$
Kokudashi Udon9.50 S$
Kamo Nanban Udon16.00 S$
Pork Cutlet Toji Udon15.00 S$

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Kazokutei Singapore Udon Set Menu Price 2024
Pork Cutlet Curry Udon Set18.00 S$
Zaru Udon Set15.00 S$
Oyako Chicken & Egg Toji Udon Set15.00 S$
Koku Udon Set13.00 S$
Custard Pudding5.60 S$
Kazokutei Singapore Side Dishes Menu 2024
Kazokutei Singapore Side Dishes Menu  2024
Takoyaki7.00 S$
French Fries6.00 S$
Chijimi7.00 S$
Fried Chicken (6pcs)8.00 S$
Fried Chicken (4pcs)6.00 S$

Yes, Kazokutei Singapore is not halal certified.

Yes, the Kazokutei Singapore also accepts reservations.

Yes, the parking lot is paid for at the Kazokutei Singapore.

Yes, dine-in, delivery, as well as takeaway facilities is also available at the Kazokutei Singapore.


Kazokutei Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.



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