MenboLah Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Greetings Singaporean people! If you want to try Korean cuisine in Singapore. We are providing you with the MenboLah Menu that contains Korean dishes to satisfy your appetite. We have uploaded the updated MenboLah Menu with prices in the following. MenboLah Restaurant is not halal certified. The ambiance of the restaurant is very charming and friendly. The MenboLah Menu is given below.

MenboLah Menu
Restaurant MenboLah Restaurant
Delivery Hotline+6591443348
HalalNot Halal Certified
Locations1 Tanjong Pagar Plz, #01-15, Singapore 082001
Timings Monday to Friday, 10 AM–9 PM
Saturday and Sunday,11 AM–10 PM

Calling all food enthusiasts! Today, I’m thrilled to take you on a culinary adventure at MenboLah Restaurant, Singapore’s hidden gem. The star of the show here is undoubtedly the MenboLah Menu, a treasure trove of tantalizing flavors that will leave you craving for more. This menu showcases the diverse and vibrant tapestry of Singaporean cuisine, capturing the essence of this gastronomic paradise. See Also URBAN MIX MENU.

The MenboLah Menu is a gastronomic masterpiece, boasting a wide selection of mouthwatering dishes that cater to all tastes and preferences.

  • French Toasts
  • Menbo Bites
MenboLah French Toasts Menus 2024
Original Prawn FT12.32 S$
Original Chicken Cutlet FT9.86 S$
Nacho Cheese Chicken Cutlet FT10.03 S$
Mentaiko Chicken Cutlet FT10.37 S$
Ham & Cheese With Hash Brown FT9.52 S$
Egg Mayo With Turkey Bacon FT9.27 S$
Beef Bulgogi FT11.13 S$
MenboLah Singapore Garlic Taosts Menu 2024
Original Prawn GT12.83 S$
Original Chicken Cutlet GT10.37 S$
Nacho Cheese Chicken Cutlet GT10.63 S$
Mentaiko Chicken Cutlet GT10.79 S$
Ham & Cheese With Hash Brown GT10.03 S$
Egg Mayo With Turkey Bacon GT9.86 S$
Beef Bulgogi GT11.64 S$
MenboLah Menu – Menbo Bites 2024
Trio Box18.53 S$
Strawberry Cream Cheese Mochi14.28 S$
Original Menbosha17.00 S$
Mentaiko Menbosha18.53 S$
Garlic Menbosha17.00 S$

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Variety Box B16.23 S$
Variety Box A15.64 S$
MenboLah Sides Menu Price 2024
Onion Ring3.65 S$
Nacho Cheese Fries5.87 S$
Mentaiko Fries5.87 S$
French Fries3.23 S$

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Sweet Chilli2.21 S$
Spicy Mayo2.21 S$
Nacho Cheese2.21 S$
Mentai Mayo2.21 S$
Coke2.89 S$
Coke Float5.87 S$
Coke Zero3.31 S$
Green Tea2.89 S$
Mineral Water2.21 S$
Passion Fruit Fizz5.87 S$
Root Beer2.89 S$
Root Beer Float5.87 S$
Sour Plum Fizz5.87 S$
Sprite2.89 S$
Yakult Lemonade5.87 S$
Yakult Red Tea5.87 S$

No, Menbolah Singapore is not halal certified.

No, Menbolah Restaurant is not providing you with dine-in options.

Yes, the drive-through facility is made available by the restaurant.

Yes, Menbolah Restaurant is also serving you brunch options.


MenboLah Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.


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