Mos Burger Menu Singapore & Price List Updated 2024

Hello, Burger Lovers! Are you looking for the yummiest and juiciest burgers that too with the best Side offered? I got you covered! I am bringing up the updated Menu of Mos Burger with mouthwatering and delicious visuals!

Restaurant Mos Burger Menu Singapore
Delivery Hotline+6563450089
HalalNot Halal Certified.
Locations1 Tampines Walk, #01-85 Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 528523
Timings Friday to Thursday
10:00 AM TO 10:PM

My favourites from Mos Burger’s Menu are:

  • Okonomiyaki Rice Burger
  • BBQ Wagyu Cheese Burger.

Allergen Information Table for Mos Burger Menu Singapore

ItemDairyEggsWheatSoyFishShellfishPeanutsTree Nuts
Mos CheeseburgerXXXX
Yakiniku Rice BurgerXX
Teriyaki Chicken BurgerXXXX
Fish BurgerXXX
Veggie BurgerXX
Shrimp Cutlet BurgerXXX
Grilled Eel Rice BurgerXXX
Chicken Katsu BurgerXXXX
Garden SaladX
Seaweed FriesX
Hash BrownX

Burger Menu Singapore Updated 2024

Mos Burger Menu Singapore can be categorised as BREAKFAST MENU, LIMITED TIME OFFER Menu &MAIN MENU BUGER MENU SIDES, BURGER KIDS MENU & DRINKS Menu Let’s see them in detail one by one


Fish BurgerSGD 4.00
Hokkaido Corn SoupSGD 3.50
Chicken Nuggets (6pcs / 15pcs)SGD 5.00 / SGD 10.70
Deluxe Morning Toast PlateSGD 5.45
Morning Toast PlateSGD 4.45
Chicken Ham & Omelet BurgerSGD 3.20
French Toast Chicken Ham & CheeseSGD 3.10
French Toast Teriyaki ChickenSGD 3.20

Also, Check Ordinary Burgers



Truffle Mayo Double Beef BurgerSGD 7.20
Truffle Mayo Double Beef Burger ComboSGD 11.60
Truffle Mayo Chicken BurgerSGD 6.70
Truffle Mayo Chicken Burger ComboSGD 11.10
Sweet Potato Ball (4pcs)SGD 5.60
Teriyaki Pepper Wagyu BurgerSGD 7.95
Okonomiyaki Rice BurgerSGD 6.60
Spicy Tempura Rice BoxSGD 7.95
Chicken & Vegetables Rice BoxSGD 7.95
Okinawa Style Taco Rice BoxSGD 7.95
Smoky BBQ FriesSGD 4.50


Truffle Mayo Double Beef BurgerSGD 7.20
Truffle Mayo Double Beef Burger ComboSGD 11.60
Truffle Mayo Chicken BurgerSGD 6.70
Truffle Mayo Chicken Burger ComboSGD 11.10
Portobello Wagyu BurgerSGD 9.30
Roasted Garlic Chicken BurgerSGD 9.30
Fiery Wagyu Cheeseburst BurgerSGD 9.30
Double Mushroom Wagyu BurgerSGD 7.95
Teriyaki Pepper Wagyu BurgerSGD 7.95
BBQ Wagyu Cheese BurgerSGD 7.95
Teriyaki Chicken BurgerSGD 4.60
Fish BurgerSGD 4.00
MOS BurgerSGD 4.00
Spicy MOS BurgerSGD 4.30
Chicken BurgerSGD 4.60
Teriyaki Beef BurgerSGD 4.00
Hokkaido Croquette BurgerSGD 3.80
HamburgerSGD 2.50
Cheese BurgerSGD 2.80
Okonomiyaki Rice BurgerSGD 6.60
Yakiniku Rice BurgerSGD 4.60
New Tsukune Rice BurgerSGD 4.60
Kakiage Rice BurgerSGD 4.60
Plain Hot DogSGD 4.10
Chili Hot DogSGD 4.35
Spicy Chili Hot DogSGD 4.50
Spicy Tempura Rice BoxSGD 7.95
Chicken & Vegetables Rice BoxSGD 7.95
Okinawa Style Taco Rice BoxSGD 7.95
Natsumi Teriyaki Chicken BurgerSGD 4.60
Natsumi Fish BurgerSGD 4.00
Natsumi Beef BurgerSGD 4.00


Sweet Potato Ball (4pcs)SGD 5.60
Hokkaido Corn SoupSGD 3.50
Clam ChowderSGD 3.60
Teriyaki Mayo FriesSGD 4.50
Cream of Potato SoupSGD 3.50
Smoky BBQ FriesSGD 4.50
French Fries (Small)SGD 2.60
French Fries (Large)SGD 3.60
MOS ChickenSGD 3.80
Green SaladSGD 2.80
Hokkaido Croquette PieSGD 2.60
Chicken Nuggets (6pcs/15pcs)SGD 5.00/SGD 10.70
Butterfly Prawns (6pcs/15pcs)SGD 5.20/SGD 11.10
Mussel Nuggets (4pcs/10pcs)SGD 4.30/SGD 9.35
Signature PlatterSGD 16.50


Kids Beef Burger (Ketchup)SGD 6.50
Kids Beef Rice Burger (Ketchup)SGD 6.50


Iced Milk TeaSGD 3.50
Iced Lemon TeaSGD 3.50
Iced Peach TeaSGD 3.50
Coke Less SugarSGD 3.00
Fanta GrapeSGD 3.00
Coke Zero SugarSGD 3.00
Orange JuiceSGD 3.00
Ayataka Green Tea (Non-Sugar)SGD 3.00
Oolong Tea (Non-Sugar)SGD 3.00
Mineral WaterSGD 3.00
Iced Matcha LatteSGD 3.00
Seasonal MilkshakeSGD 4.80
Freshly Brewed Gourmet CoffeeSGD 3.00
Hot CappuccinoSGD 4.00
Hot LatteSGD 4.00
Hot Berries TeaSGD 3.00
Hot Milk TeaSGD 3.00
Hot Lemon TeaSGD 3.00
Hot Matcha LatteSGD 4.00

Nutrition Information Table for Mos Burger Menu Singapore

ItemServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Teriyaki Chicken Burger1 burger~400~15~50~60~1000~40~2~10~20
Yakiniku Rice Burger1 burger~450~18~60~70~1100~50~3~15~25
Fish Burger1 burger~350~12~40~50~900~40~2~5~20
Veggie Burger1 burger~300~10~30~40~800~35~4~5~15
French Fries1 serving~300~15~50~0~300~40~3~0~3
Soft Drink (Regular)1 cup~1500000~30~40

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Locations & Contact for MOS BURGER Menu Singapore

  • Orchard Road:
  • Explore the iconic shopping district and savor Mos Burger’s delights conveniently located along Orchard Road.
  • Marina Bay Sands:
  • Indulge in Mos Burger’s culinary experience amidst the breathtaking skyline at the Marina Bay Sands location.
  • Changi Airport:
  • Before takeoff or upon arrival, visit Mos Burger at Changi Airport for a quick and delicious meal.
  • VivoCity:
  • Enjoy a shopping spree at VivoCity and take a culinary break with Mos Burger’s diverse menu options.
  • Raffles City:
  • Amidst the historical charm of Raffles City, Mos Burger offers a modern twist to fast food.
  • Jurong East:
  • Catering to the west, the Jurong East location allows residents to savor Mos Burger’s unique offerings.
  • Tampines Mall:
  • East-side residents can relish in Mos Burger’s flavors at the Tampines Mall outlet, blending convenience with culinary delight.
  • Bugis Junction:
  • Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Bugis Junction while indulging in the diverse menu at Mos Burger.
  • Contact:+6891 0588

About Mos Burger Menu Singapore

Mos Burger in Singapore offers a diverse menu that combines Japanese flavors with Western-style fast food. Their signature item, the Mos Burger, features a juicy beef patty topped with special sauce, nestled between soft buns. For those seeking a unique twist, the Yakiniku Rice Burger presents a delightful fusion with a grilled beef patty sandwiched between rice “buns.” Customers can also indulge in options like the Teriyaki Chicken Burger, Ebi Rice Burger, and Natsumi Chicken Burger, each offering a delicious blend of flavors. Seafood lovers can savor the Fish Burger, while vegetarians have the Veggie Burger as a satisfying choice. Mos Burger also offers sides like Mos Chicken Nuggets and refreshing beverages such as Iced Lemon Tea. With its diverse and flavorful menu, Mos Burger caters to a wide range of tastes, making it a popular choice for fast food enthusiasts in Singapore.


Mos BurgerSignature hamburger with a juicy beef patty and special sauce
Yakiniku Rice BurgerGrilled beef patty sandwiched between rice “buns”
Teriyaki Chicken BurgerGrilled chicken topped with sweet teriyaki sauce
Ebi Rice BurgerCrispy shrimp patty served between rice “buns”
Spicy Mos CheeseburgerMos Burger with added spice and melted cheese
Fish BurgerBreaded fish fillet with tartar sauce on a bun
Natsumi Chicken BurgerFried chicken fillet with Japanese-style seasoning
Veggie BurgerVegetarian burger option with a variety of vegetables
Mos Chicken NuggetsBite-sized pieces of crispy fried chicken
Iced Lemon TeaRefreshing drink option to accompany the meal

Latest Deals at Mos Burger Menu Singapore

Deal DescriptionValidity DatesDetails
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Mos BurgerApril 25 – May 1Purchase any Mos Burger and get another free.
Student DiscountOngoingPresent valid student ID for 10% off your order.
Family Combo MealApril 20 – May 10Enjoy a family meal for 4 at a discounted price. Includes 4 Mos Burgers, 4 sides, and 4 drinks.
Lunch SpecialsWeekdays, 11 AM – 3 PMSpecial discounted prices on selected menu items during lunch hours.
Double Points for Loyalty MembersOngoingLoyalty members earn double points on all purchases.
Free Upgrade to Large Fries with Combo MealApril 15 – April 30Upgrade your fries to large for free with any combo meal purchase.
Weekend Happy HourSaturdays & Sundays, 2 PM – 5 PMDiscounted drinks and appetizers during weekend afternoons.


RestaurantCuisineAlternative Items
Burger KingFast FoodWhopper, Chicken Fries, Impossible Whopper
McDonald’sFast FoodBig Mac, Quarter Pounder, McChicken
Shake ShackFast CasualShackBurger, Crinkle Cut Fries, Chick’n Shack
Carl’s Jr.Fast FoodFamous Star Burger, Crisscut Fries, Beyond Famous Star
Five GuysFast CasualCheeseburger, Cajun Fries, Bacon Cheeseburger
In-N-Out BurgerFast FoodDouble-Double, Animal Style Fries, Grilled Cheese
Wendy’sFast FoodDave’s Single, Baconator, Spicy Chicken Sandwich
KFCFast FoodOriginal Recipe Chicken Sandwich, Popcorn Chicken
SubwayFast CasualSubway Melt, Italian B.M.T., Veggie Delite
Taco BellFast FoodCrunchwrap Supreme, Doritos Locos Tacos, Quesadilla

Careers at Mos Burger Menu Singapore

Restaurant ManagerOversee daily operations, manage staff, handle customer inquiries
Assistant ManagerSupport the restaurant manager in daily tasks and staff supervision
Shift SupervisorSupervise shifts, ensure smooth operation, handle customer issues
Kitchen StaffPrepare food items, maintain kitchen cleanliness and hygiene
Front Counter StaffTake customer orders, handle transactions, provide excellent service
Food Prep AssistantAssist in food preparation, chopping vegetables, preparing sauces
Delivery DriverDeliver orders to customers in a timely and courteous manner

Offers Table For Mos Burger Menu Singapore

Meal DealPurchase a burger, fries, and drink for a discounted price as a combo meal.Ongoing promotion
Student DiscountShow a valid student ID to receive a percentage off your total purchase.Ongoing promotion
Family BundleBuy multiple burgers and sides at a reduced price when purchased together.Limited time offer
Happy Hour SpecialEnjoy discounted prices on selected menu items during specified hours.Daily, 3-5 PM
Weekend Brunch ComboSpecial brunch menu available on weekends with combo options.Saturdays and Sundays
Seasonal PromotionLimited-time offer featuring new menu items or themed specials.Varies

Mos Burger Menu Singapore Birthday Party Packages Table

Package NameDescriptionInclusionsPrice (SGD)Validity
Classic CelebrationPerfect for small gatherings, includes a reserved area in the restaurant, customizable menu options, and decor.Choice of burgers, fries, drinks, birthday cake, decorations$200Ongoing promotion
Premium Party PackageIdeal for larger groups, includes exclusive use of a party room, personalized menu selection, and party favors.Assorted burgers, sides, drinks, dessert platter, favors$400Limited time offer
Deluxe Birthday BashA luxurious party experience featuring VIP treatment, gourmet menu options, and a dedicated party host.Gourmet burgers, premium sides, specialty drinks, desserts$600Upon reservation

Mos Burger Menu Singapore party boxes table

Party Box NameDescriptionInclusionsPrice (SGD)Validity
Burger BonanzaA box filled with an assortment of delicious burgers, perfect for sharing at parties and gatherings.Various burgers (e.g., Teriyaki Chicken, Yakiniku Beef, Fish), fries, dipping sauces$50Ongoing offer
Snack Attack BoxIdeal for smaller gatherings or as appetizers, this box includes a selection of tasty snacks and sides.Onion rings, chicken nuggets, fries, dipping sauces$30Ongoing offer
Veggie Delight BoxA vegetarian-friendly option featuring a variety of plant-based burgers and sides, suitable for all guests.Veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, garden salad, dipping sauces$40Ongoing offer
Combo Feast BoxPerfect for larger parties, this box offers a combination of burgers, sides, and drinks to satisfy every guest’s cravings.Assorted burgers, fries, onion rings, soft drinks$80Ongoing offer

Kraft Kitchen Menu Singapore VS Mos Burger Menu Singapore

AspectKraft Kitchen Menu SingaporeMos Burger Menu Singapore
CuisineWestern-style comfort foodJapanese-inspired fast food
Menu VarietyGourmet burgers, grilled sandwiches, pasta dishes, salads, Asian fusionBurgers (teriyaki chicken, yakiniku beef, fish, veggie), rice burgers
dishes(veggie), fries, onion rings, salads
Ingredients & FlavorsBeef patties, bacon, cheese, barbecue sauce, mayonnaiseTeriyaki sauce, wasabi mayo, seaweed, soy-based patties
Ambiance & DiningModern and inviting atmosphere suitable for casual diningFast-casual dining with quick, convenient meals, limited seating
Experiencefor dine-in customers
Price RangeMid-range for casual diningAffordable and competitive within the fast food industry

Vouchers from Mos Burger Menu Singapore

Voucher NameDescriptionValidityTerms and Conditions
Meal Combo VoucherEnjoy a discounted price on a meal combo, including a burger, fries, and drink.Ongoing promotionValid for dine-in or takeaway only. Not applicable with other promotions or discounts.
Student DiscountPresent your student ID to receive 10% off your total bill.Ongoing promotionValid for students with valid student ID. Not applicable with other promotions or discounts.
Birthday SpecialCelebrate your birthday with a free burger of your choice when you dine in with a group of four or more.Month of birthdayValid for dine-in only. Requires minimum group size of four. One free burger per group.
Family Meal DealGet a discount on a family meal deal, including burgers, sides, and drinks for the whole family.Limited time offerValid for dine-in or takeaway. Not applicable with other promotions or discounts.
Loyalty CardEarn stamps with each purchase and get a free burger after collecting 10 stamps.Ongoing promotionValid for dine-in or takeaway. Not applicable with other promotions or discounts. Must present loyalty card.

Sub of the day at Mos Burger Menu Singapore

Day of the WeekBurger of the DayDescription
MondayTeriyaki Chicken BurgerGrilled chicken patty with savory teriyaki sauce and fresh vegetables
TuesdayEbi Rice BurgerCrispy shrimp patty served between rice “buns” with lettuce and mayo
WednesdayYakiniku Rice BurgerGrilled beef patty with sweet yakiniku sauce sandwiched between rice buns
ThursdayNatsumi Chicken BurgerFried chicken fillet with Japanese-style seasoning and lettuce
FridayMos BurgerSignature beef burger with special sauce, tomato, lettuce, and onion
SaturdayFish BurgerBreaded fish fillet with tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomato
SundayVeggie BurgerVegetarian option with a variety of fresh vegetables and creamy sauce

Mos Burger Menu Singapore happy hours

Time of DayPromotionDetails
MorningBreakfast Combo DealDiscounted combo meals available until 11:00 AM
LunchtimeLunch SpecialReduced prices on select menu items between 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
AfternoonSnack Attack ComboCombo deal on smaller items like burgers and fries from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
EveningFamily Dinner BundleSpecial deal on larger combo meals after 5:00 PM

Reviews of Mos Burger Menu Singapore


Mos Burger Menu Singapore Services


  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance

Service options

  • Delivery
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in


  • Coffee

Dining options

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert


  • Casual


  • Groups


  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • NFC mobile payments
  • Credit cards


  • Good for kids
  • Kids’ menu

Popular timing of Mos Burger Menu Singapore

Popular-times-of Mos Burger Menu Singapore Friday
Popular-times-of Mos Burger Menu Singapore Saturday
Popular-times-of Mos Burger Menu Singapore Sunday
Popular-times-of Mos Burger Menu Singapore Monday
Popular-times-of  Mos Burger Menu Singapore Tuesday
Popular-times-of  Mos Burger Menu Singapore Wednesday
Popular-times-of Mos Burger Menu Singapore Thursday`


1. Q: What makes Mos Burger different from other fast-food chains?

A: Mos Burger stands out for its Japanese-inspired menu, offering unique items like rice burgers and innovative flavor combinations, providing a refreshing alternative to traditional fast-food options.

2. Q: Are there vegetarian options available at Mos Burger in Singapore?

A: Yes, Mos Burger caters to vegetarians with a variety of plant-based options, including vegetarian rice burgers and other meatless choices, ensuring a diverse menu for all preferences.

3. Q: How is the service speed at Mos Burger, especially during peak hours?

A: Mos Burger prides itself on efficient service. While peak hours may see increased foot traffic, the staff is trained to maintain quick service without compromising on the quality of the food.

4. Q: Can I customize my burger at Mos Burger to suit my taste preferences?

A: Absolutely! Mos Burger encourages customization. You can personalize your burger by choosing from a variety of fresh ingredients, sauces, and condiments to create a meal that suits your individual taste.

5. Q: Are there any seasonal or limited-time offerings on the menu at Mos Burger?

A: Yes, Mos Burger frequently introduces seasonal and limited-time menu items, allowing customers to explore new flavors and experiences. Be sure to check for special promotions and offerings during your visit.

Is Mos Burger Halal?

No, Mos Burger Singapore is not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Mos Burger Singapore.

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