NeNe Menu Singapore With Updated Prices 2024

Looking for the juicy chicken coated in a delectable secret-recipe sauce, fried to crispy perfection? You have landed in the right place as I am going to review the Menu of NeNe. Let’s dive into the Heaven of food!

NeNe Menu Singapore With Updated Prices 2024


Dive into Korean-style sides like kimchi fries, and cheese churros, and refreshing drinks like Korean shaved ice. Keep reading to explore The Menu!

My favorites from NeNe Menu are:

  • K-Mini Cheesy Pizza
  • Egg & Cheese Ramyeon

Nene Chicken Starters

Nene Chicken Starters
Corn SaladSGD 1.90
Pickled RadishSGD 1.90
KimchiSGD 2.40
Starter BundleSGD 5.90

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Nene Menu – K-Fried Chicken

Nene Menu – K-Fried Chicken
2 Pcs ChickenFrom SGD 9.90
3 Pcs ChickenFrom SGD 13.70
5 Pcs ChickenFrom SGD20.70
Whole ChickenFrom SGD 33.90
6 Pcs TendersFrom SGD 10.90
12 Pcs TendersFrom SGD 19.70
20 Pcs TendersFrom SGD 30.90
6 Pcs Wings & SticksFrom SGD 13.70
12 Pcs Wings & SticksFrom SGD 22.70
18 Pcs Wings & SticksFrom SGD 33.90
12 Pcs BulgogiFrom SGD 22.70
18 Pcs BulgogiFrom SGD 33.90

Nene Chicken K-Pizza Menu

Nene Chicken K-Pizza Menu
Cheesy PizzaSGD 13.30
Pepperoni PizzaSGD 17.40
Hawaiian PizzaSGD 17.40
Bulgogi Chicken PizzaSGD 18.40
Kimchi PizzaSGD 20.60
Fiery Fried Chicken PizzaSGD 22.60
Grilled Unagi PizzaSGD 29.80
Pizza + 6 Pc TendersSGD 29.80
K-Mini Cheesy PizzaSGD 8.80
K-Mini Pepperoni PizzaSGD 9.80
Hawaiian Pizza K-MiniSGD 9.80
K-Mini Bulgogi Chicken PizzaSGD 10.80

Nene Chicken Singapore – K-Favs

Nene Chicken Singapore – K-Favs
Nene Bulgogi Chicken BurgerSGD 6.90
Egg & Cheese RamyeonSGD 8.80
JapchaeSGD 7.80
Sundubu JjigaeSGD 8.80
Bulgogi Chicken RamyeonSGD 10.50
Chicken Luncheon Meat RamyeonSGD 10.50
Crispy Tenders RamyeonSGD 10.50
Crispy Cutlet RamyeonSGD 10.50

Nene Chicken – Bundle Set

Nene Chicken – Bundle Set
Sundubu Jjigae plus 1 pc Chicken MealSGD 17.30
Egg & Cheese Ramyeon plus 1 pc Chicken MealSGD 17.30

Nene Chicken – Sides Menu

Nene Chicken – Sides Menu
Curly FriesSGD 4.20
White RiceSGD 1.60
Crispy Chicken SkinSGD 4.50
Nene CheesesticksSGD 4.80
Chicken Spam FriesSGD 7.50
Fried King Oyster MushroomSGD 7.50
Fried Tteobokki & Chicken SausageSGD 8.50
Curly Fries BoxSGD 8.50
Crispy Chicken Skin BoxSGD 7.50
(Skewer) Fried Tteokbokki SkewerSGD 3.50
Popcorn Chicken BoxSGD 9.90
Onsen EggSGD 2.20

Nene Singapore – Drinks

Nene Singapore – Drinks
Coke/Sprite CanSGD 2.80
Dasani BottleSGD 1.90
1.5 L Coke BottleSGD 5.00

Nene Chicken – Sauces

Nene Chicken – Sauces
Swicy DipSGD 1.20
Swicy TubSGD 1.90
Hot Bling DipSGD 1.20
Hot Bling TubSGD 1.90
Double Freaking Hot DipSGD 1.20
Double Freaking Hot TubSGD 1.90
Honey Mustard DipSGD 1.20
Honey Mustard TubSGD 1.90
Smokey Barbeque DipSGD 1.20
Smokey Barbeque TubSGD 1.90
Cheese DipSGD 1.90
Cheese TubSGD 2.50


  • Korean Fried Chicken (KFC):
  • NeNe’s signature dish, crispy and succulent Korean fried chicken, is a crowd-pleaser. Each piece is meticulously prepared, boasting a perfect balance of crunch and tenderness.
  • Yangnyeom Chicken:
  • A flavor explosion, NeNe’s Yangnyeom Chicken features a sweet and spicy glaze, elevating the taste with a delightful harmony of Korean spices.
  • Snowing Cheese Chicken:
  • Indulge in the Snowing Cheese Chicken, where the crispy fried chicken is generously coated in a blanket of luscious melted cheese, creating a heavenly combination of textures.
  • Original Wingettes & Drumettes:
  • For purists, NeNe’s Original Wingettes & Drumettes offer the classic Korean fried chicken experience with a golden, crispy exterior and juicy, flavorful meat.
  • Spicy BBQ Sauced Wings:
  • Heat enthusiasts rejoice with the Spicy BBQ Sauced Wings, a fiery twist on the classic barbecue flavor, delivering a punch of spice that tantalizes the taste buds.
  • Kimchi Fried Rice:
  • Complement your chicken feast with NeNe’s Kimchi Fried Rice, a savory and satisfying dish featuring the bold flavors of Korean kimchi combined with perfectly fried rice.
  • Tteokbokki:
  • Dive into the irresistible world of Tteokbokki, a popular Korean street food. NeNe’s rendition features chewy rice cakes bathed in a sweet and spicy sauce, creating a delightful snack or side dish.
  • Hotplate Bulgogi Beef:
  • For a change of pace, savor the Hotplate Bulgogi Beef, a sizzling dish of marinated Korean barbecue beef served on a hotplate, ensuring a mouthwatering and aromatic dining experience.


  • Nummun:
  • Known for its Thai fried chicken with a global twist, Nummun offers a crispy and flavorful experience, combining traditional Thai flavors with international influences.
  • Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory:
  • A fusion of Korean and Western flavors, Chir Chir delights diners with its signature Nest Snow Chicken and a diverse menu featuring creative spins on classic dishes.


Locations And Contact Of NeNe

  • Orchard Road:
  • Explore the bustling shopping district of Orchard Road, where NeNe Chicken outlets often cater to locals and tourists looking for a delicious Korean fried chicken fix.
  • Chinatown:
  • Immerse yourself in the rich cultural surroundings of Chinatown, where NeNe Chicken may have a presence, offering a delightful blend of Korean flavors in this vibrant neighborhood.
  • Bugis Junction:
  • Shop and dine in the lively Bugis Junction area, where NeNe Chicken could be a go-to spot for those seeking a tasty and satisfying Korean fried chicken meal.
  • VivoCity:
  • As one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls, VivoCity may host a NeNe Chicken outlet, providing shoppers with a convenient and savory dining option.


  • Contact:Β (65) 60275866


1. Q: Are there vegetarian options available at NeNe Chicken in Singapore?

A: While NeNe Chicken is renowned for its Korean fried chicken, they also offer vegetarian-friendly choices like Kimchi Fried Rice and sides. Check the menu for specific options.

2.Q: Do they provide a spice level option for their chicken dishes?

A: Yes, NeNe Chicken caters to different spice preferences. You can choose from various spice levels for their chicken, ensuring both mild and spicy options to suit your taste.

3.Q: Are there any signature dishes unique to the Singapore menu?

A: NeNe Chicken Singapore may feature exclusive menu items that showcase local flavors. Keep an eye out for special dishes crafted to cater to the preferences of the Singaporean palate.

4.Q: Can I place an online order for delivery or takeout from NeNe Chicken?

A: Yes, NeNe Chicken often provides online ordering options for both delivery and takeout. Check their official website or preferred food delivery platforms for convenient ordering.

5.Q: Are there any promotions or loyalty programs available for frequent customers?

A: NeNe Chicken may have promotions, discounts, or loyalty programs to reward regular customers. Stay updated by checking their official website or inquiring at the restaurant for the latest offers.

Is Nene Chicken Singapore Halal?

Yes, Nene Chicken Singapore Is Halal Certified Restaurant.

All the images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Nene Chicken Singapore.

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