Sushiro Menu Singapore & Prices List Updated 2024

Sushiro Menu Singapore offers a delightful journey into Japanese cuisine, blending traditional flavors with modern twists. The menu boasts a diverse selection of sushi, sashimi, and maki rolls, each meticulously crafted to perfection. The ambiance at Sushiro is inviting, with its sleek, minimalist decor and warm lighting, creating a cozy yet elegant dining experience. Customer care is exceptional, with attentive staff ensuring a memorable visit for every guest. Sushiro Menu Singapore is a culinary gem, offering an unforgettable taste of Japan in the heart of the city.

Sushiro Menu Singapore & Prices
Restaurant Sushiro Restaurant
Delivery Hotline+6569706610
HalalNot Halal Certified
Locations1. 3 Temasek Blvd, #01 – 649, Singapore 038983
2. 302 Tiong Bahru Rd, #02-118, Plaza 168732
3. 83 Punggol Central, #01-31/32 Waterway Point, Singapore 828761
4. 311 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 467360
5. 1 Woodlands Square, #05-16/17/18, Singapore 738099
6. 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-129 Great World Office Lobby, Singapore 237994
7. 350 Orchard Rd, #03-K1/K2 Shaw House, Singapore 238868
8. 80 Marine Parade Road, #B1-17/17A, Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Rd, #B1 – 17 & 17A, Singapore 449269
9. 78 Airport Boulevard B2-227/228 Jewel, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819666
10. 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #03-10/11/12 Lot, one, Singapore 689812
11. 435 Orchard Rd, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877
Timings Monday to Sunday, 11 AM–10 PM
  • Shrimp & Ikura Chirashi
  • Sushiro Salmon Platter
  • Fatty Mackerel Oshisushi

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Allergen Information Table for Sushiro Menu Singapore

Menu ItemContainsMay Contain
Salmon NigiriFishSoy, Wheat
Tuna SashimiFishSoy
California RollCrab, Fish, Egg, SoyWheat
Chirashi DonFish, Soy, Egg, WheatShellfish
Miso SoupSoy, Wheat, Fish
Green Tea Ice CreamMilkSoy

Sushiro Menu Singapore 2024


Recommended Mix (1 Portion)
1 Broiled Salmon Belly, 1 Salmon Belly, 1 Swordfish, 1 Shrimp
1 Grilled Eel, 1 Scallop, 2 Fried Shrimp & Avocado Roll
S$ 10.50
Recommended Mix (2 Portion)
2 Broiled Salmon Belly, 2 Salmon Belly, 2 Swordfish
2 Shrimp, 2 Grilled Eel, 2 Scallop, 4 Fried Shrimp & Avocado Roll
S$ 21.00
Recommended Mix (3 Portion)
3 Broiled Salmon Belly, 3 Salmon Belly, 3 Swordfish,1 Shrimp
3 Grilled Eel, 3 Scallop, 6 Fried Shrimp & Avocado Roll
S$ 31.50
Recommended Mix (4 Portion)
4 Broiled Salmon Belly, 4 Salmon Belly, 4 Swordfish, 4 Shrimp
4 Grilled Eel, 4 Scallop, 8 Fried Shrimp & Avocado Roll
S$ 42.00
Sushiro Salmon Platter (1 Portion)
1 Broiled Salmon Belly, 2 Salmon, 2 Salmon Belly, 2 Salmon with Cheese
2 Salmon with Basil Cheese, 1 Salmon Roe
S$ 14.60
Sushiro Salmon Platter (2 Portions)
2 Broiled Salmon Belly, 4 Salmon, 4 Salmon Belly, 4 Salmon with Cheese
4 Salmon with Basil Cheese, 2 Salmon Roe
S$ 29.20
Sushiro Salmon Platter (3 Portions)
3 Broiled Salmon Belly, 6 Salmon, 6 Salmon Belly, 6 Salmon with Cheese
6 Salmon with Basil Cheese, 3 Salmon Roe
S$ 43.80
Sushiro Salmon Platter (4 Portions)
4 Broiled Salmon Belly, 8 Salmon, 8 Salmon Belly, 8 Salmon with Cheese
8 Salmon with Basil Cheese, 4 Salmon Roe
S$ 58.40

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Sushiro Takeaway Menu
Sushiro Platter 10 (1 Portion)
1 Tuna, 1 Salmon Belly, 1 Broiled Salmon Belly, 1 Shrimp, 1 Squid, 1 Grilled Eel
1 Scallop, 1 Japanese Egg Omelet, 1 Salmon Roe, 1 Tuna with Green Onion
S$ 15.30
Sushiro Platter 10 (2 Portion)
2 Tuna, 2 Salmon Belly, 2 Broiled Salmon Belly, 2 Shrimp, 2 Squid, 2 Grilled Eel
2 Steamed Scallop, 2 Japanese Egg Omelet, 2 Salmon Roe, 2 Tuna with Green Onion
S$ 30.60
Sushiro Platter 10 (3 Portion)
3 Tuna, 3 Salmon Belly, 3 Broiled Salmon Belly, 3 Shrimp, 3 Squid, 3 Grilled Eel
3 Steamed Scallop, 3 Japanese Egg Omelet, 3 Salmon Roe, 3 Tuna with Green Onion
S$ 45.90
Sushiro Superior Platter (1 Portion)
1 Fatty Tuna, 1 Scallop (Big), 1 Premium Grill Eel, 1 Prawn, 1 Broiled Fatty Salmon Belly
1 Premium Salmon Belly, 1 Salmon Roe, 1 Tuna with Green Onion
S$ 26.90
Sushiro Superior Platter (2 Portion)
2 Fatty Tuna, 2 Scallop (Big), 2 Premium Grill Eel, 2 Prawn, 2 Broiled Fatty Salmon Belly
2 Premium Salmon Belly, 2 Salmon Roe, 2 Tuna with Green Onion
S$ 52.80
Sushiro Superior Platter (3 Portion)
3 Fatty Tuna, 3 Scallop (Big), 3 Premium Grill Eel, 3 Prawn, 3 Broiled Fatty Salmon Belly
3 Premium Salmon Belly, 3 Salmon Roe, 3 Tuna with Green Onion
S$ 80.70
Sushiro Superior Platter (4 Portion)
4 Fatty Tuna, 4 Scallop (Big), 4 Premium Grill Eel, 4 Prawn, 4 Broiled Fatty Salmon Belly
4 Premium Salmon Belly, 4 Salmon Roe, 4 Tuna with Green Onion
S$ 107.50
Kids Platter (1 Portion)
1 Salmon, 1 Shrimp, 1 Japanese Egg Omelet, 1 Crab Stick Salad, 8 Cucumber Roll
S$ 7.30
Kids Platter (2 Portion)
2 Salmon, 2 Shrimp, 2 Japanese Egg Omelet, 2 Crab Stick Salad, 16 Cucumber Roll
S$ 14.60
Kids Platter (3 Portion)
3 Salmon, 3 Shrimp, 3 Japanese Egg Omelet, 3 Crab Stick Salad, 24 Cucumber Roll
S$ 21.90
Kids Platter (4 Portion)
4 Salmon, 4 Shrimp, 4 Japanese Egg Omelet, 4 Crab Stick Salad, 32 Cucumber Roll
S$ 29.20

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EdamameS$ 3.80
Chicken KaraageS$ 5.00
Fried OctopusS$ 8.00
ChawanmushiS$ 4.60
Fatty Mackerel OshisushiS$ 12.80
Broiled Fatty Mackerel OshisushiS$ 11.60
Shrimp & Ikura ChirashiS$ 14.30
Crab ChirashiS$ 14.30

Nutrition Information Table for Sushiro Menu Singapore

ItemCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Salmon Nigiri (2 pcs)1505102030020118
Tuna Sashimi (3 pcs)10030.501525050016
California Roll (6 pcs)25082025400352512

Sushiro Menu Singapore About

Sushiro in Singapore offers a delightful array of Japanese cuisine, specializing in sushi and sashimi. With a focus on freshness and quality, Sushiro aims to provide an authentic Japanese dining experience. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of traditional and innovative dishes, sure to please sushi enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Latest Deals at Sushiro Menu Singapore

Sushi PlatterEnjoy a special sushi platter for two at a discounted price.
Lunch SetsWeekday lunch sets starting from $10.99, including miso soup.
Happy HourSpecial discounts on selected sushi rolls and sashimi during HH.
Weekend Special15% off on all sushi rolls and sashimi every Saturday and Sunday.
Student Discount10% off with a valid student ID, applicable on all menu items.

Best Selling Items at Sushiro Menu Singapore

CategoryBest Selling Items
SushiSalmon Nigiri, Tuna Nigiri, California Roll
SashimiSalmon Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, Yellowtail Sashimi
RollsCalifornia Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Dragon Roll
DonburiChirashi Don, Unagi Don, Kaisen Don
AppetizersEdamame, Gyoza, Agedashi Tofu
DessertsGreen Tea Ice Cream, Mochi Ice Cream, Dorayaki
BeveragesGreen Tea, Japanese Soda, Sake

Sushiro Menu Singapore Alternative

SushiItacho SushiWide variety of sushi options, including premium selections.
Japanese FusionStanding Sushi BarOffers a unique standing sushi bar experience with creative rolls.
RamenIppudoKnown for its flavorful ramen dishes and Japanese appetizers.
IzakayaShin Minori Japanese RestaurantAll-you-can-eat Japanese buffet with a la carte options.
SashimiThe Sushi BarFresh sashimi and sushi rolls in a casual dining setting.
OmakaseKi-shoOffers a high-end omakase experience with seasonal ingredients.
TempuraTenshin Tempura DiningSpecializes in authentic tempura dishes with a variety of dipping sauces.
Japanese BBQAburiyaKnown for its premium meats and seafood for grilling at the table.

Careers at Sushiro Menu Singapore

Sushi ChefPrepare sushi and sashimi dishes.Culinary experience, knowledge of Japanese cuisine.
ServerServe customers, take orders, and ensure satisfaction.Customer service skills, ability to work in a team.
Kitchen StaffAssist in food preparation and cooking.Kitchen experience, familiarity with Japanese cuisine.
Restaurant ManagerOversee daily operations, manage staff.Management experience, knowledge of restaurant industry.

Sushiro Menu Singapore Offers Table

Lunch SpecialWeekday lunch sets starting from $10.99, including miso soup.
Happy HourEnjoy discounts on selected sushi rolls and sashimi.
Student Discount10% off with a valid student ID, applicable on all menu items.
Birthday PromotionCelebrate your birthday at Sushiro and receive a complimentary dessert.
Weekend Deal15% off on all sushi rolls and sashimi every Saturday and Sunday.

Sushiro Menu Singapore Birthday Party Packages Table

Basic PackageIncludes a set menu of sushi rolls, sashimi, and appetizers, along with a birthday dessert.
Premium PackageUpgraded menu with additional premium sushi selections and a choice of Japanese hot pot or grilled dishes.
Deluxe PackageAll-inclusive package with a wider selection of dishes, free-flow drinks, and a birthday cake.
Customized PackageTailored to your preferences, including menu selection, decorations, and entertainment options.
Group SizePackages available for groups of 6 or more.
PricePrices start from $30 per person, varying based on package and group size.

Sushiro Menu Singapore party boxes table

Party BoxDetails
Sushi Party BoxIncludes a variety of sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi, serves 4-6 people.
Sashimi Party BoxLarge assortment of fresh sashimi slices, serves 6-8 people.
Maki Roll Party BoxAssorted maki rolls with different fillings, serves 6-8 people.
Deluxe Party BoxCombination of sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and appetizers, serves 8-10 people.
Vegetarian Party BoxVegetarian sushi rolls and sides, serves 4-6 people.
Custom Party BoxCustomize your box with your favorite sushi selections, accommodating various group sizes.
PricePrices start from $50 per box, depending on the box size and selection.

Pepper Lunch Menu Singapore VS Sushiro Menu Singapore

CategoryPepper Lunch Menu SingaporeSushiro Menu Singapore
CuisineJapanese/Western FusionJapanese
Main DishesTeppan-grilled Steaks, Beef, Chicken, SeafoodSushi, Sashimi, Donburi, Ramen
Price Range$$$$
Best forThose who enjoy interactive dining experiencesSushi and Japanese food lovers
LocationsMultiple outlets across SingaporeMultiple outlets across Singapore
Signature DishBeef Pepper Rice, Beef Sukiyaki RiceSalmon Nigiri, Tuna Sashimi, California Roll
OffersVarious discounts during Happy Hour and lunch specialsStudent discounts, birthday promotions
AtmosphereCasual, fast-casualCasual, relaxed

Vouchers from Sushiro Menu Singapore

Lunchtime SpecialEnjoy discounted prices on selected lunch sets during weekdays from 11 AM to 2 PM.
Student Meal DealsExclusive discounts for students with a valid student ID, available on selected menu items.
Birthday TreatReceive a special treat on your birthday when you dine at Sushiro. Check terms and conditions for details.
Family Bundle PromotionSpecial offers on family-sized meals, ideal for sharing with your loved ones.
Seasonal PromotionsKeep an eye out for seasonal promotions and limited-time offers for additional savings.

Sub of the day at Sushiro Menu Singapore

Day of the WeekSub of the DayDetails
MondaySalmon NigiriEnjoy two pieces of salmon nigiri sushi at a special price.
TuesdayTuna SashimiIndulge in three pieces of tuna sashimi at a discounted rate.
WednesdayCalifornia RollDelight in six pieces of California roll at a reduced price.
ThursdaySpicy Tuna RollSpice up your day with a spicy tuna roll, available at a special rate.
FridayChirashi DonEnjoy a bowl of chirashi don, a variety of sashimi on a bed of sushi rice, at a discount.

Sushiro Menu Singapore happy hours

Day of the WeekHappy Hour TimesDetails
Monday2 PM – 5 PM20% off on selected sushi rolls and sashimi during Happy Hour.
Tuesday3 PM – 6 PMFree miso soup with every sushi or sashimi order between 3 PM and 6 PM.
Wednesday4 PM – 7 PMBuy one sushi roll, get the second one at 50% off from 4 PM to 7 PM.
Thursday5 PM – 8 PMComplimentary green tea ice cream with every meal purchased between 5 PM and 8 PM.
Friday6 PM – 9 PMHappy Hour deal: 30% off on all sushi rolls and sashimi from 6 PM to 9 PM.
Saturday12 PM – 3 PMLunchtime special: Enjoy discounted prices on selected lunch sets from 12 PM to 3 PM.
Sunday1 PM – 4 PMFamily Sunday: Kids eat free with every paying adult between 1 PM and 4 PM.

Reviews of Sushiro Menu Singapore

Reviews of Sushiro Menu Singapore

Sushiro Menu Singapore Services


  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating

Service options

  • No-contact delivery
  • Delivery
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in


  • Alcohol
  • Beer
  • Coffee
  • Small plates

Dining options

  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert


  • Casual


  • Groups


  • Accepts reservations


  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • NFC mobile payments
  • Credit cards


  • Good for kids
  • Kids’ menu


  • Paid parking lot
  • Plenty of parking

Popular Timing Of Sushiro Menu Singapore


SUSHIRO Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.

Sushiro Singapore Restaurant has undoubtedly earned its reputation as a go-to destination for sushi lovers in the city. The combination of top-notch food quality, impeccable taste, inviting ambiance, and attentive service makes Sushiro a standout in the Japanese dining scene. Whether you’re a seasoned sushi enthusiast or a newcomer to Japanese cuisine, Sushiro offers an exquisite culinary journey that is sure to leave you wanting more. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor their delectable creations and immerse yourself in a truly memorable dining experience.

Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-649/650, Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm
Bedok Mall
311 New Upper Changi Road, #B1-10, Bedok Mall
Singapore 467360
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm
Isetan Scotts
350 Orchard Rd, Level 3, #03-K1/K2, Shaw House
Singapore 238868
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-8pm
Tiong Bahru Plaza
302 Tiong Bahru Rd, #02-118, Tiong Bahru Plaza
Singapore 168732
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm
Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square, #05-16/17/18, Causeway Point
Singapore 738099
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm
Lot One
21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4, #03-10/11/12, Lot One
Singapore 689812
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm
Waterway Point
83 Punggol Central, #01-31/32, Waterway Point
Singapore 828761
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm
Great World (Sushiro Petit – Takeaway Kiosk)
1 Kim Seng Promenade, #B1-129, Great World
Singapore 237994
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm
Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road, #B1-17/17A, Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm



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