Swissbake Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Do you have a countdown going on to get the latest updates on the Swissbake Menu? If yes, then you are at the right destination. We are here to serve you with great warmth. We have covered the updated prices which are pocket-friendly. Swissbake Menu offers smoked chicken which is baked on coals to make the chicken smoky. It smells good and gives a remarkable taste to the taste buds.

Swissbake Menu
Restaurant Swissbake
Delivery Hotline+65 66629666
LocationCommonwealth Capital Building, Singapore 618291
Delivery hoursDaily 9 am – 9 pm

Swissbake Menu offers a variety of chicken as well as salads and soups. For non-vegetarians service is available as well as for vegetarians. Swissbake Menu offers great coffee for your tired body and also great milk tea for tea lovers. Swissbake is European inspired place that aims to provide freshly baked things with natural ingredients. A wide range of healthy food options are available. Swissbake has a great ambiance. I t provides all day breakfast service. Let’s dig in the menu to find out the details. See Also THE LONDON CURRY HOUSE MENU.

  • All Day Breakfast
  • Kraftwich
  • Soup And Salad 
Swissbake All Day Breakfast Menu 2024
Bircher Muesli5.90 S$
Swissbake Singapore Kraftwich Menu 2024
Smoked Chicken Kraftwich8.80 S$
Beef Pastrami Kraftwich9.80 S$
Avocado & Cheese Kraftwich9.80 S$
Swissbake Soup And Salad Menu 2024
Chicken Caesar9.90 S$
Mushroom Soup3.50 S$
Ponzu Miso Smoked Salmon10.90 S$
Thai Spicy Chicken12.90 S$
Swissbake Coffee Menu 2024
Salted Caramel Latte5.60 S$
Mocha5.20 S$
Latte4.90 S$
Espresso Hot4.00 S$
Cappuccino Hot4.90 S$
Americano4.90 S$

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Swiss Pure Chocolate5.60 S$
Swissbake Coffee Menu 2024
Peppermint Tea Hot4.90 S$
Iced Peach Tea4.50 S$
Iced Lemon Tea4.50 S$
Green Tea Hot4.90 S$
English Breakfast Tea Hot4.90 S$
Earl Grey Tea Hot4.90 S$
Chamomile Tea Hot4.90 S$
Swissbake Other Beverages Menu Price 2024
Vitamin Water XXX Triple Berries Bottle4.50 S$
Vitamin Water Restore Fruit Punch Bottle4.50 S$
Passion Fruit Nectar Bottle5.00 S$
Guava Nectar Bottle5.00 S$
Evian Bottle2.50 S$
Coke Zero Can2.50 S$
Coke Light Can2.50 S$
Coke Can2.50 S$
Ayataka Green Tea Can2.50 S$

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Chocolate Crumble Tart6.90 S$
Apple Tart6.50 S$
Swissbake Singapore Sliced Cake Menu Price 2024
Raspberry Romance Cake6.90 S$
Paradiso Cake6.90 S$
Classic Cheesecake6.90 S$
Chocolate Fudge Cake6.90 S$

Yes, Swissbake Menu is halal certified.

Yes, there are high chairs available at the Swissbake restaurant.

No, there is no free WiFi available at the Swissbake restaurant.

Yes, toilets are available at the Swissbake restaurant.


Swissbake Singapore is officially Halal Certified Restaurant.




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