Tea Apothecary Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Greetings to the Singaporean tea lovers! Are you looking for great recreation with a good seating plan? There will also be tea, smoothies, different types of milk flavors, and coffee available as well. Tea Apothecary Menu is one of the most renowned restaurants in Singapore to serve the valued customers with Singaporean food. The flavors of these varieties are amazing. You can enjoy your time at the Tea Apothecary restaurant with great customer service.

We have covered the Tea Apothecary Menu with the updated prices. The prices are pocket-friendly. We have also uploaded the pictures of the stuff as well to make it easier to get your own choice. There’s the Oreo smoothie in different flavors and sizes. These will make your tastebuds feel good. Their sweetness makes the day special. There’s the option of a milk tea menu. A variety of them is available. More and more things are also given below. See Also PS. CAFE MENU.

  • Oreo Smoothies
  • Milk Tea
  • Fruit Tea
Tea Apothecary Oreo Smoothies Menu 2024
Strawberry Oreo
We dare say these might be the best Oreo smoothies you’ve ever tasted
3.70 S$
Milo Oreo
We dare say these might be the best Oreo smoothies you’ve ever tasted
4.00 S$
Hazelnut Oreo
We dare say these might be the best Oreo smoothies you’ve ever tasted!
3.70 S$
Coffee Oreo3.70 S$
Classic Oreo
We dare say these might be the best Oreo smoothies you’ve ever tasted
3.50 S$
Chocolate Oreo
We dare say these might be the best Oreo smoothies you’ve ever tasted
3.70 S$
Caramel Oreo3.70 S$
Winter Melon Milk Tea4.00 S$
Strawberry Milk Tea3.80 S$
Signature Milk Tea3.50 S$
Signature Jasmine Milk Tea3.50 S$
Peppermint Milk Tea3.80 S$
Lychee Milk Tea3.80 S$
Honey Milk Tea3.80 S$
Hazelnut Milk Tea3.80 S$
Cookie Milk Tea4.00 S$
Coffee Milk Tea3.50 S$
Chocolate Milk Tea3.80 S$
Caramel Popcorn Milk Tea3.80 S$
“Orh Nee” Taro Milk Tea4.00 S$
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Cheese Mousse5.00 S$
Brown Sugar Green Milk Tea4.40 S$
Brown Sugar Matcha Latte5.00 S$
Brown Sugar Milk Tea4.40 S$
Tea Apothecary Singapore Menu – Fruit Tea 2024
Fresh Grapefruit Green Tea3.50 S$
Fresh Lemon Green Tea3.50 S$
Fresh Lemon Red Tea3.50 S$
Fresh Passion Green Tea3.50 S$
Grape Red Tea3.30 S$
Green Apple Green Tea3.30 S$
Honey Black Tea3.30 S$
Honey Green Tea3.30 S$
Honeydew Green Tea3.30 S$
Lychee Black Tea3.30 S$
Lychee Green Tea3.30 S$
Mango Green Tea3.30 S$
Mango Red Tea3.30 S$
Peach Green Tea3.30 S$
Peach Red Tea3.30 S$
Peppermint Green Tea3.30 S$
Premium Assam Tea2.90 S$
Premium Jasmine Tea2.90 S$
Sour Plum Green Tea3.30 S$
Sour Plum Red Tea3.30 S$
Strawberry Green Tea3.30 S$
Strawberry Red Tea3.30 S$

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Yakult Peach Green Tea4.30 S$
Yakult Lychee Green Tea4.30 S$
Yakult Green Tea4.00 S$
Yakult Grapefruit Green Tea4.30 S$
Yakult Black Tea4.00 S$
Tea Apothecary Singapore Tea-Free Menu Price 2024
Winter Melon Tea3.50 S$
Lychee Soda3.50 S$
Lemon Lime Soda3.50 S$
Honey Lime3.50 S$
Honey Ginger3.50 S$
Grapefruit Soda3.50 S$
Fresh Passion Fruit Soda3.50 S$
Sour Plum Slushie3.00 S$
Peach Yogurt Smoothie4.00 S$
Mint Chocolate Chip3.80 S$
Milo Dino3.80 S$
Matcha Cheese4.10 S$
Mango Passion Yogurt Smoothie4.30 S$
Green Apple Yogurt Smoothie4.00 S$
Grape Yogurt Smoothie4.00 S$
Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie4.30 S$
Fresh Grapefruit Yogurt Smoothie4.30 S$
Chocolate Ice3.80 S$
Chocolate Ice Cream Latte4.50 S$
Coffee Ice Cream Latte4.50 S$
Fresh Taro Ice Cream Latte4.50 S$
Matcha Ice Cream Latte4.50 S$

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Peppermint Coffe4.00 S$
Mocha4.00 S$
Hazelnut Coffee4.50 S$
Caramel Coffee4.00 S$

Unfortunately, Tea Apothecary Menu is not halal certified.

Yes, coffee is available at the Tea Apothecary restaurant.

Yes, high chairs are available for the children at the Tea Apothecary restaurant.

Singaporean cuisine is available at the Tea Apothecary restaurant.


Tea Apothecary Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.



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