XW Western Grill Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Hello, Foodies! If you’re craving for a delightful Western dining experience in Singapore, look no further than XW Western Grill. This hidden gem nestled in the heart of the city offers a menu that will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. From juicy steaks to delectable burgers, XW Western Grill’s menu has something to please every palate. We bring you XW Western Grill Menu.

XW Western Grill Menu

XW Western Grill Menu & Price List 2024 Singapore

Restaurant XW Western Grill Restaurant
Delivery Hotline+65 6264 7066
HalalHalal Certified
Locations1. 252 North Bridge Road #B1-44B Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
2. 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #04-25 Jem, Singapore 608549
Timings Monday to Sunday, 11:30 am–10 pm

Let’s start with the star of the show: the food. The XW Western Grill Menu boasts an impressive selection of dishes that showcase the mastery of their culinary team. One of the standout items is their signature steak, cooked to perfection with a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Each bite bursts with flavor, leaving you wanting more. For those seeking a lighter option, their grilled chicken dishes are equally impressive, with juicy and succulent meat that pairs beautifully with the accompanying sauces. Some of the favorites from the XW Western Grill Menu are

  • Chargrilled Chicken Chop & Fish
  • Chargrilled Salmon Steak
  • Chicken Chop Baked Spaghetti
XW Western Grill Menu

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XW Western Grill Menu
XW Western Grill Menu

XW Western Grill Menu

XW Western Grill Menu
Cream of Mushroom SoupS$4.60
Super Combos
Chargrilled Chicken Chop & Fish + 2 SidesS$22.79
Chargrilled Chicken Chop & Chicken Sausage + 2 SidesS$17.98
Chargrilled Sirloin Steak & Chicken Chop + 2 SidesS$32.42
House Steak
Prime Sirloin with Creamy Mushroom Sauce + 2 SidesS$22.79
Prime Sirloin with Black Pepper Sauce + 2 SidesS$22.79
Prime Ribeye with Creamy Mushroom Sauce + 2 SidesS$26.43
Prime Ribeye with Black Pepper Sauce + 2 SidesS$26.43
Lamb Cutlet with Black Pepper Sauce + 2 SidesS$30.60
Flame Grilled Chicken
Chicken Chop with Creamy Mushroom Sauce + 2 SidesS$15.94
Chicken Chop with BBQ Sauce + 2 SidesS$15.94
Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce + 2 SidesS$15.94
Chicken Chop with Japanese Teriyaki Sauce + 2 SidesS$15.94
Crispy Chicken Cutlet + 2 SidesS$15.94
Chicken Chop with Spicy Honey Sauce + 2 SidesS$15.94
Fisherman’s Catch
Golden Fish Fry + 2 SidesS$15.52
Chargrilled Salmon Steak + 2 SidesS$25.47
Chargrilled Fish with Black Pepper Sauce + 2 SidesS$15.94
Chargrilled Fish with Sambal Sauce + 2 SidesS$15.94
Spaghetti Lovers
Creamy Chicken SpaghettiS$14.87
Chicken Ham Carbonara SpaghettiS$14.87
Salmon Lemon Cream Sauce SpaghettiS$15.94
Black Pepper Beef SpaghettiS$15.94
Fish Fry Tomato SpaghettiS$15.94
Prawn Aglio OlioS$15.94
Cheesy Baked Goodness
Chicken Chop Baked SpaghettiS$15.52
Salmon Baked SpaghettiS$17.98
Mixed Grill Baked RiceS$17.98
Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Baked RiceS$15.52
Hot Sides
Garlic BreadS$3.75
Onion RingsS$3.75
French-style Mashed PotatoS$3.75
Grilled CornS$3.75
Mac & CheeseS$3.75
Butter Rice PilafS$3.75
Cheesy TotsS$3.75
Cold Sides
XW House ColeslawS$3.75
Garden Goma SaladS$3.75
Fusilli Fruit SaladS$3.75
Red Potato SaladS$3.75
Caesar Salad with Homemade CroutonS$3.75
Mango PomeloS$6.42
Homemade Banana PuddingS$ 7.06
Gula Melaka Shaved IceS$5.78
Cold Beverages
Iced Teh TarikS$4.71
Iced Honey LemonS$4.71
Iced Lemon TeaS$4.71
Iced Coffee with MilkS$4.71
Iced Lychee TeaS$5.89
Coke FloatS$5.89
A&W FloatS$5.89
Coke ZeroS$3.53
Bottled WaterS$1.93
Milo Dinosaur FloatS$5.89
Hot Beverage
Teh TarikS$3.42
Honey LemonS$3.42
Coffee with MilkS$2.19

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What sets XW Western Grill Menu apart from other dining establishments?
XW Western Grill Menu stands out with its unique fusion of Western flavors and culinary techniques, delivering a tantalizing experience that blends traditional and contemporary influences.

What are some must-try dishes on XW Western Grill Menu?
Indulge in our signature grilled steak, perfectly seasoned and cooked to your preference, or savor our mouthwatering seafood creations that showcase the freshest catches paired with innovative flavors.

Does XW Western Grill Menu cater to dietary restrictions or preferences?
Absolutely! XW Western Grill Menu offers a range of options to accommodate various dietary needs, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free choices, ensuring everyone can enjoy a memorable meal.

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