Yuan Cha Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Greetings! Want to enjoy Chinese and also look further than the option named “Yuan Cha Singapore”? Don’t worry. We are here to provide you with the Yuan Cha Menu with updated prices in the following. We have discussed their whole menu category-wise so you can explore it with ease. You can check out the Yuan Cha Menu in detail.

Yuan Cha Menu
  • Yuan Cha Basic Tea
  • Yuan Cha Smoothies
  • Yuan Cha Honey Series
Alishan Tea2.30 S$
Black Tea2.20 S$
Green Tea2.20 S$
Oolong Tea2.30 S$
Puer Tea2.50 S$
Tieguanyin2.50 S$
Yuan Cha Singapore Smoothies Menu 2024
Avocado Smoothie6.90 S$
Banana Smoothie5.90 S$
Durian Smoothie8.90 S$
Mango Smoothie5.90 S$
Strawberry Banana5.90 S$
Strawberry Smoothie4.90 S$
Yuan Cha Menu – Fruit Tea 2024
Strawberry Black Tea3.50 S$
Plum Green Tea3.20 S$
Passion Fruit Green Tea3.20 S$
Lime Juice3.50 S$
Lime Black Tea3.30 S$
Lemon Juice3.50 S$
Lemon Green Tea3.30 S$
Lemon Black Tea3.30 S$
Grapefruit Alishan Tea3.60 S$

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Apple Vinegar Juice3.00 S$
Apple Vinegar Oolong3.80 S$
Lime Vinegar Black4.00 S$
Lime Vinegar Green4.00 S$
Plum Vinegar Juice3.00 S$
Plum Vinegar Oolong3.80 S$
Yuan Cha Honey Series Menu Price 2024
Honey Alishan3.20 S$
Honey Black3.20 S$
Honey Green3.20 S$
Honey Lemon3.80 S$
Honey Lemon & Lime4.40 S$
Honey Oolong3.30 S$
Honey Osmanthus Tea4.50 S$
Honey Puer3.60 S$
Honey Tieguanyin3.60 S$
Yuan Cha Singapore Milk Tea Menu Price 2024
Caramel Milk Tea3.50 S$
Honey Milk Tea4.00 S$
Milk Alishan3.20 S$
Milk Black3.10 S$
Milk Green3.10 S$
Milk Oolong3.20 S$
Milk Puer3.50 S$
Milk Tieguanyin3.50 S$
Strawberry Milk Tea3.50 S$
Yuan Cha Menu Price – Osmanthus Series 2024
O’s Alishan3.70 S$
O’s Black3.60 S$
O’s Green3.60 S$
O’s Oolong3.70 S$
O’s Puer3.90 S$
Os’ Tieguanyin3.90 S$
Alishan Latte3.80 S$
Black Tea Latte3.80 S$
Fresh Milk3.20 S$
Green Tea Latte3.80 S$
Oolong Latte3.80 S$
Puer Latte4.00 S$
Tieguanyin Latte4.00 S$

No, the Yuan Cha is not halal certified.

It is a bubble tea restaurant that provides you with a wide range of teas.

The ambiance of the Yuan Cha is cozy.

Yes, they have a separate honey series that includes honey-mixed teas.


Yuan Cha Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.


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