Lai Kee Dim Sum Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Greetings to the food lovers! We are here with multiple choices in Chinese cuisine. Are you waiting for the Lai Kee Dim Sum Menu? If yes, then you are at the right destination. You have cleared the content with your thoughts. It offers Chinese cuisine. We are here with the availability of this restaurant and have shown every nitty-gritty of it. Stay with us to explore the menu with a great concentration as well.

Lai Kee Dim Sum Menu

Lai Kee Dim Sum restaurant offers a variety of foodstuffs. We have covered the updated prices of this menu. We have covered the pictures of the foodstuff. There are the categories available below for your assistance to make an easy choice for you. The customer service at this restaurant is an amazing one. They are the best of the foodstuff offering restaurants as well. We have covered the updated version of this menu. See Also BIANG BIANG NOODLES MENU.

  • Beancurd Skin Roll Dim Sum
  • Century Egg Porridge
  • Spring Roll
Lai Kee Dim Sum Singapore Menu – Dim Sum 2024
Beancurd Skin Roll Dim Sum2.80 S$
Century Egg Dim Sum2.80 S$
Chicken Feet Dim Sum3.50 S$
Crab Meatball Dim Sum3.20 S$
Crab Pincer Dim Sum2.80 S$
Crystal Chive Dim Sum3.00 S$
Dried Scallop Dim Sum3.20 S$
Emerald Prawn Dim Sum3.20 S$
Har Kaw Dim Sum3.00 S$
Homemade Otah Dim Sum3.50 S$
Mushroom Dumpling Dim Sum3.20 S$
Mushroom Prawn Dim Sum2.80 S$
Phoenix Prawn Dim Sum2.80 S$
Pork Ribs Dim Sum3.50 S$
Salted Egg Dumpling Dim Sum3.00 S$
Seafood Fish Maw3.00 S$
Seafood Siew Mai Dim Sum4.50 S$
Seafood Tofu Prawn Dim Sum3.00 S$
Seaweed Prawn Dim Sum3.20 S$
Siew Mai Dim Sum2.80 S$
Sour Sauce Beancurd Skin2.80 S$
Tau Pok Dim Sum2.80 S$
Unagi Dumpling Dim Sum3.50 S$
Lai Kee Dim Sum Rice Dishes Menu 2024
Salted Fish Minced Pork Rice4.80 S$
Pork Ribs Rice4.80 S$
Chicken Mushroom Rice4.80 S$
Chicken Feet Rice4.80 S$
Lai Kee Dim Sum Singapore Orders Menu 2024
Century Egg Porridge3.00 S$
Chee Cheong Fun2.20 S$
Chee Cheong Fun (Char Siew)2.80 S$
Chee Cheong Fun (Prawn)3.50 S$
Egg Tart2.80 S$
Glutinous Rice Chicken2.40 S$
Ji Wo Pau4.80 S$
Lotus Leaf Rice4.00 S$

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Lai Kee Dim Sum Pau Menu Price 2024
Bean Paste Pau0.90 S$
Big Pork Pau2.20 S$
Big Pork Pau2.20 S$
Braised Meat Pau1.60 S$
Char Siew Pau1.20 S$
Coffee Pau1.00 S$
Corn Pau1.10 S$
Cream Custard Pau4.20 S$
Jade Pau1.00 S$
Lotus Paste Pau0.90 S$
Shou Tao1.10 S$
Small Chicken Pau1.20 S$
Vegetable Pau1.00 S$
Yam Pau1.10 S$
Lai Kee Dim Sum Menu – Fried 2024
Beancurd Prawn4.80 S$
Carrot Cake2.40 S$
Ngoh Hiang3.30 S$
Prawn Dumpling3.60 S$
Spring Roll3.30 S$
Taro Cake2.40 S$

No, Lai Kee Dim Sum restaurant is not halal certified.

Yes, high chairs are available at the Lai Kee Dim Sum restaurant.

Yes, free WiFi available at the Lai Kee Dim Sum restaurant.

No, there’s no outdoor seating available at the Lai Kee dim sum restaurant.


Lai Kee Dim Sum Singapore is not officially Halal Certified Restaurant.


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