Sutha’s Cafe Menu & Price List Singapore Updated 2024

Do you have a countdown going on to getting Sutha’s Cafe Menu? We are here to serve you with your desirable questions as well. We have covered the given below content for you to make an easy choice of your happy meal in a pocket-friendly budget. There is availability of Indian Cuisine at Sutha’s Cafe restaurant. If you want the latest prices of the Sutha’s Cafe Menu with pictures of each dish.

Sutha’s Cafe Menu

Sutha’s Cafe restaurant is a great restaurant for Indian food lovers. It offers different kinds of parathas. It is remarkable for the Indians working in Singapore. Many kinds of parathas make the breakfast special. It is much more like the homemade paratha. You will remember its significant taste. There are eggs available also. You can enjoy the availability of the fresh omelet with cheese paratha and many more which are given below. See Also TEXAS CHICKEN MENU.

  • Prata
  • Set Meals
Sutha’s Cafe Singapore Menu – Prata 2024
Coin Prata5.00 S$
Kuthu Prata With Chicken8.00 S$
Onion Prata3.00 S$
Egg Prata3.00 S$
Tissue Prata5.00 S$
Cheese Prata4.00 S$
Banana Prata4.00 S$
Mushroom Prata4.00 S$
Egg & Onion Prata4.50 S$
Egg & Cheese Prata4.50 S$
Mushroom & Sausage Prata4.50 S$
Cheese & Onion Prata4.50 S$
Cheese & Mushroom Prata4.50 S$
Egg & Mushroom Prata4.50 S$
Onion & Mushroom Prata4.50 S$
Kuthu Prata With Mutton10.00 S$
Cheese, Egg & Onion Prata4.50 S$
Sutha’s Singapore Set Meals Menu 2024
Vegetarian Set Meal 
3 Types Vegetables
7.50 S$
Chicken Set Meal 
Masala Chicken, 2 Types Of Vegetables & Rice
8.50 S$
Fish Set Meal 
Fish Curry, 2 Types Of Vegetables & Rice
8.50 S$
Mutton Set Meal 
Masala Mutton, 2 Types Of Vegetables & Rice
10.00 S$


Sutha’s Cafe Menu – Beverages 2024
Kopi O Kosong1.50 S$
Kopi O Sugar1.50 S$
Teh O Kosong1.50 S$
Teh O Sugar1.50 S$
Coffee (Hot)2.50 S$
Teh Tarik3.00 S$
Teh Halia3.00 S$
Milo (Hot)2.50 S$

Yes, Sutha’s Cafe Menu is halal-certified.

No, you will be served coffee only at Sutha’s Cafe restaurant.

Yes, Sutha’s Cafe restaurant is famous for breakfast as well as for lunch and dinner.

Yes, there Is a great variety of desi food available at the Sutha’s Cafe restaurant.


Sutha’s Cafe Singapore is officially Halal Certified Restaurant.


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